Grow Veggies in Pots

Our members share their best tips for growing vegetables and herbs in containers.

Seaweed to the rescue

I grow rosemary in a container and use dried seaweed juice to water it. The juice helps it grow bigger, greener, and healthier.
—Linne Peters, Kenta, WA

Multipurpose Fabric

Put a piece of landscape fabric on the bottom and sides of the container. It helps hold moisture and keeps the potting mixture from washing out.
—Josette Giacobbi, Columbia, SC

Size and Quality

Use the largest containers you can find and buy quality potting soil. My strawberries, cucumbers, peppers, lettuce, green onions, and zucchini all do fantastic!
—Shireen O’Brien, Oak Lawn, IL

Pot Placement

If you’re able to put your container where the roots can grow through the drainage holes into the ground below, then you are almost guaranteed a better plant and harvest.
—Sara Cochran, McComb, MS

Protective Shields

Yogurt cups or small mushroom tin cans with both ends cut will shield young seedling stems. These shields are shallow enough that the top of seedlings will not be shaded.
—Shoji Takasugi, Graham, WA