Member Story: Remembering Molly

An Ohio member creates a unique memorial garden to honor her beloved pet.

Molly, our 10-year-old Newfoundland, was gone. A sweet-natured, gentle dog, her greatest desire in life was to love and be loved. I called her my sticky dog because, if possible, she would’ve glued herself to me. Molly was a very vocal dog, and she always had plenty to tell me every evening with her unique howls. Her death had been peaceful, but we missed her deeply.

Several weeks passed, but we still felt the pain of Molly’s loss. I’d gotten her long before my partner, Phil, and I met. Now her spot in the backyard was just bare soil and worn-down grass. Simply reseeding the patch didn’t seem right. I wanted to do something as special as she was. So Phil and I decided to build a memorial garden for her.

We began the bed with a variety of perennials, including plants from places Molly and I had lived during her lifetime. We added annuals for additional color, some in hanging baskets and others planted in Molly’s large feeder. A wind chime symbolized Molly’s vocalizations. The final touch was red brick edging.

Creating a memory garden is an excellent family project to help deal with losing a beloved pet. Because each person and pet is unique and special, a memory garden will say it as nothing else can.

Building Molly’s memory garden was beneficial for us in several ways: Having more beautiful flowers to enjoy and share with our neighbors was very healing for me, and because Phil and I worked on it together, it was also his tribute to her life.

Rest in peace, sweet girl. You’ll never be forgotten.