Reader Photos On Display

These 12 amazing photos captured by readers will inspire you to march into your garden right now, camera in hand!

Clematis, Beth Dolan, Melrose Park, IL

Tree frog on miniature rose, Brandi Carr, Woodbine, GA

Pasque flower, Richard States, Cortland, OH

Fog blanketing the farm, Susan Allen, Danville, IN

Tomatoes ripening on garage window, Christine Hibisch, Warsaw, NY

Daylily, Tomi Murphy, Oxnard, CA

Squirrel eating cherry, Roxanne King, Dallas, TX

Clematis, Julie Czerwinski, Rochester, MI

Fall color, Geraldine Flicker, Olean, NY

Sunflower, Catherine Malin, Philadelphia, PA

Plumeria, Andrew Yoder, Clarkrange, TN

Baby bunny, Jennifer Long, Chatham, IL