4 Most Stylish College Tailgates

There’s more to a fashionable tailgate than dressing well. Does the food spread consist of bagged chips or gourmet desserts? Are tailgaters chugging beer in a parking lot or sipping bourbon on a yacht? There’s no wrong way to tailgate, but some schools just know how to do it while looking good.

We’ve taken into account game day style, university fashion and elaborate tailgate décor to determine the 4 Most Fashionable College Tailgates.

4. University of Washington

The Huskies had to be included on this list because of one word: boat-gating. It’s the TV’s, drinking, crowds, and usual tailgate fun you’d expect, but on boats. How awesome is that?! The University of Tennessee also boats to football games, but Washington is surrounded by picturesque mountains, blue water, and has a closer walk to the stadium. The game day fashion won’t be as preppy as the south or show as much skin as Florida schools, but you can expect lots of purple fan gear… and don’t forget they’re on boats.

3. Vanderbilt

Vandy is nothing if not classy. Isn’t that the essence of being fashionable – a cool sophistication? The smart, attractive Commodores like most schools in the Southeastern Conference, don’t take game day fashion lightly. It’s common to see girls wearing cocktail dresses and guys wearing ties and jackets. Located in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee, the preppy University ambiance borders the artistic, creative, hip neighborhoods of Music City, creating the perfect game day atmosphere. The ‘dores have delicious food, drinks, games, music, and everything you’d expect at an SEC tailgate, but tend to do it with a bit more sophistication than some of their conference peers. Keep it up, Commodores.


The University of California- Los Angeles has a reputation for having an attractive and intelligent student body. College Prowler included UCLA on a list of American schools that are both “hot and smart.” Naturally, these fit, smart students living in L.A. (one of the most fashionable cities in the country) know how to dress. But how do the Bruins tailgate? At the Rose Bowl in Pasadena where the weather is perfect. You’re literally tailgating on a golf course. Don’t want to set up a tailgate? No problem! Head to the UCLA Fan Zone, jumbo TVs, food, drinks, kid zone, spirit squad and band performances, VIP areas- it’s basically a football-themed carnival/reunion/party. The Bruins know how to tailgate in style.

1. Ole Miss

Please accept our apologies for making the obvious choice, but how could Ole Miss not be #1? Game day at The Grove displays the epitome of southern fashion. When GQ magazine takes notice by suggesting you’re the “Most Stylish Tailgate in Football,” you’re doing something right. Ole Miss even ranked #9 in Women Wear Daily’s list of “America’s Most Fashionable Colleges.” They take fashion seriously and treat tailgating the same way. Tailgates in Oxford are more elaborate than most wedding receptions. You’ll find chandeliers, fresh flower arrangements, candelabras, desserts, Bar-B-Que, and more cardinal red and Navy blue than you could shake a stick at! It’s going to take more than keg beer and cowboy boots to dethrone Ole Miss as the kings and queens of fashionable tailgating.

College tailgates don’t usually conjure words like sophisticated, elegant, and refined. It’s just a bunch of college kids drinking beer, right? Wrong. These universities bring something special to their game day tailgates, whether it’s boats, dresses, picturesque settings, or outdoor chandeliers, you won’t be disappointed spending a Saturday at one of the 4 Most Fashionable Tailgates.

Which University do you think tailgates with the most style? Comment below and let us know who you would add to the list.

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