Tips For Men: Staying Cool In The Heat

Tailgates at the beginning of football season can be scorching hot. Is your favorite game day attire suitable for a day outdoors? Guys, we’ll walk you through selecting an outfit that keeps you cool and looks great in the early season heat. Even if you’re not the most fashionable guy, you want to look your best. First, let’s look at the torso.


Rejoice! Team polos with quick-dry effects are great for the tailgate. They are not business casual, appropriate for date night or fit for many places outside of the golf course, but they’re perfect for game day. They tend to have a flattering cut, show team spirit, and keep you from feeling sweaty. Cotton and linen are also the smart fabrics for summer. Both are light-weight and breathable which helps to keep you cool.


A light-weight, linen button-up may be airy enough to allow sweat to evaporate, but otherwise, you might need an undershirt. The key function of this garment is to absorb sweat and act as a barrier between skin and clothes. Choose a v-neck or scoop neck that allows you to leave the top few buttons of your polo undone.


Keep your pant-game simple. Stay away from athletic shorts, crazy patterns, or cargo pants. Chinos or cotton shorts a few inches above the knee look best. Not a shorts man? Consider a linen pant. You will risk looking like a Miami Vice extra, but if you can pull it off, you’ll look like a stud. Jeans are always an option but not recommended in 90+ degrees. If you do wear jeans, make sure they’re lightweight and breathable – not too skinny.


If you’re wearing sneakers, go with an ankle sock. Otherwise, forget the socks. Boat shoes and canvas kicks are great sockless footwear options. Note: Grown men should not wear flip flops unless they’re at the beach. I’m not sure why it looks so goofy but it does. Save the sandals for vacation and opt for light-weight sneakers or summer shoes.


Wear one. Hats provide shade and allow you not to worry about a hairstyle. I previously made a case against visors and fedoras, and recommend avoiding these options. Keep it simple – nothing sideways or patterned. Simple logos, dark colored, and clean. Panama hats are beloved by tailgaters and provide plenty of shade to keep you cool. If you choose to wear one of these bad boys while manning the grill and look good doing it, then hats off to you.

Remember, keep it light-weight and simple to look and feel cool in the heat. Choose breathable fabrics, loose fits, airy shoes, and classy headwear. What keeps you cool in the early season heat? Comment and share.

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