Fan Base Face Off: Bruins vs. Sun Devils

In honor of the UCLA v. Arizona State match-up this week, let’s look at how these two schools throw down before the game.

UCLA Tailgating

UCLA calls the nation’s most famous football stadium, The Rose Bowl, home. If you’ve never been to Pasadena, let me paint a picture: the tailgates you know and love – food, fans, music, refreshments – now add perfect weather, palm trees, tons of attractive people, and you’re tailgating on a golf course. Clearly, the Bruins have a great atmosphere on their home turf, but what can we expect from traveling UCLA fans?

UCLA fans love their “8 Clap” cheer. The name doesn’t leave much to be desired – the cheer is literally 8 claps followed by U-C-L-A, U-C-L-A and “fight, fight, fight!”

Here's a demonstration of the UCLA 8 Clap

Renewed expectations. Coach Jim Mora seems to be leading the program in the right direction, but the Bruins have known disappointment in recent years. Their last conference title came in 1998, and UCLA’s 1 National Title was in 1954. However, Heisman hopeful, Brett Hundley, among others, have put the Bruins in a position to be a contender for the Pac-12 title. This momentum on the field has transferred to the Bruin fan base, and they’ll show up ready to cheer in Arizona.

Arizona State Tailgating

Pasadena may sound like paradise, but Tempe isn’t too shabby of a site either. Sun Devil Stadium is nestled between Desert Arboretum Park and “A” Mountain, with Salt River close by. Kick-off will happen at the end of a hot, sunny day, and it’s safe to say they’ll be a gorgeous, desert sunset. So the scenery will be nice, but what about the ASU tailgaters?

Wholesome. Or that’s the atmosphere, the new tailgating rules may provide. To discourage disorderly behavior and binge drinking, ASU no longer allows kegs or drinking games. This isn’t all bad. Fans can still drink responsibly, and without the distraction of games like beer pong, imagine how great ASU fans are going to get at corn hole.

Uncertainty. There has been some question as to whether UCLA quarterback, Hundley, will be able to play on Thursday. I’m calling it now – he’ll play. To add to this opponent uncertainty, ASU’s starting quarterback will be unable to play because of a foot injury. Whether it’s back-up QB versus back-up QB or a Heisman hopeful against ASU’s number two quarterback, this game should be a nail bitter. The Sun Devil fans may have the comfort of the home field, but they’ll be buzzing with anticipation and nervous energy.

Thursday Night at Sun Devil Stadium

This game should draw a great crowd. Tailgating at Sun Devil Stadium will take place surrounded by desert rather a golf course, as it would if UCLA were hosting. With lakes and mountains nearby, this should be a picturesque battle. The fans will be more focused on the football than the party, but don’t be fooled. Arizona State fans still know how to have a great time, and fun will be had by all at the tailgate.

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