Tailgate Destination: Pittsburgh

The Steel City of the North should be on your tailgate bucket list. In 2009, Pittsburgh was named the Best Sports City in the U.S. Five years later, it’s still a great spot to tailgate and catch a game. We’ll break down this fan mecca by its tailgating, then the food and bar scene. First, let’s take a brief look at why Pittsburgh is a cool city.

The ‘Burgh

Sports fans go where the games are, but even sporting trips are enhanced by nice scenery and educational tidbits. Pittsburgh ranks as a top city for both livability and cleanliness. Three rivers meet at the city of Pittsburgh, hence the lovely bridges and bodies of water surrounding the compact downtown area. The city was founded in 1758, so avoiding historic buildings is near impossible. Keep these things in mind while we get to the real reason one goes to Pittsburgh…


It’s good to be a sports fan in Pittsburgh. The Pittsburgh Steelers, The University of Pittsburgh Panthers, and even the Pittsburgh Pirates keep the tailgates going almost year round. Heinz Field is the home to both the Pitt Panthers and Steelers. Expect good ole’ fashion parking lot tailgating with passionate fanatics. But Heinz Field provides a special atmosphere. First, there’s a great view. From the right spot in and around the stadium, you can catch a glimpse of the downtown skyline and bordering river. Next, have you ever traveled by boat to an NFL game? Pittsburgh has water limos. Thus, you can pregame on a boat. How awesome is that?

Scenes From A Pittsburgh Steelers Tailgate

Scenes From A Pitt Panthers Tailgate

Pizza, Beer, and Pierogies

A city that hath pizza and beer shall hold thy heart for eternity. I believe Bill Shakespeare said that about Pittsburgh. The ‘Burgh has the most bars per capita in the nation. That’s more bars per person than anywhere else in the U.S. After bar hopping, these yinz like to grab a slice. Pittsburgh trails only Orlando in having the most pizza restaurants per resident in the nation. Don’t let these facts mislead you; Pittsburgh offers much more than pizza and beer. Pierogies, Little Italy district, Thai food, fine dining with a view – every palette can be satisfied in the City of Champions. Here are some suggestions:

For the ultimate Pitt experience, check out Peter’s Pub.

This bar has been on campus for over 40 years. It’s a classic college bar that encompasses Pitt culture. Memorabilia hangs from the walls, there’s drink specials, wings, burgers, and bar food. It’s everything you’d want in a college bar and is a great place to watch a game.

Steelers’ fans should visit Jerome Bettis’ Grill 36.

Pittsburgh legend, Jerome Bettis opened this restaurant/sports bar in 2007. The upscale décor, patio overlooking the Allegheny River, and close proximity to Heinz Field makes this a must-stop for fans.

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