How To Sport Your Team Colors Correctly

All fans likes to wear their team colors, but super fans make sure they get it just right. It’s been said the devil is in the details, which is certainly true when it comes to official colors. These are the details that set super fans apart from the casual supporters.

For example, not all blues are created equal. While Kentucky and Boise State may share the same shade of blue, the correct shade of blue for Penn State is slightly darker. Yale has so many variations of blue that they have created an official Yale Blue swatch book with technical guidelines. Most colors have a specific number designation: a pantone number.

All teams have official pantone colors, and knowing your team’s colors can make all the difference. Sometimes getting the exact shade is difficult to do. For some purposes, universities may opt for an easier version of its color palette. For example, Oklahoma occasionally uses crimson and white for simplicity sake even though a true Sooner will tell you that the real colors are crimson and cream. There can also be confusion when a traditionally metallic color such as gold or silver is translated into a flat color.

Official style guides will list pantone colors for both to make it simple. However, some universities seem to relish making it difficult, exclusive even. Just call the licensing office at Texas A&M. They have developed and trademarked a specific color for their exclusive use, Aggie Maroon, which does not have a pantone color number, but you can find the formula for mixing the color using CMYK components. Whatever you do, just don’t be lazy and use crimson instead.

Some universities such as BYU can’t seem to make up their minds when it comes to official colors. The BYU Cougars wore Navy for decades, then switched to royal blue for a few decades, but have now returned to the original navy.

If you are planning to take it to the next level and not just wear your team’s colors, but also decorate with them, check out Glidden Paints which offers a line of paints in team colors for both college and pro teams including football, baseball, basketball, hockey and auto racing.

Alabama Crimson 201 Light Silver 428
Arizona State Maroon 208 Gold 123
Auburn Orange 158 Blue 289
Baylor Green 560 Gold 1235
Boise State Blue 286 Orange 172
Boston College Maroon 202 Gold 4515
BYU Blue 648 Transparent White
Duke Blue 287 White
Florida Blue 287 Orange 172
Florida State Garnet 202 Metallic Gold 872 or flat 4525
Georgia Red 200 Solid Black
Harvard Crimson 187 Cool Gray 4
Iowa Yellow 115 Solid Black
Kansas State Purple 268 Gray 877
Kentucky Blue 286 Pure White
Michigan Blue 282 Maize 7406
Michigan State Green 567 White
Minnesota Maroon 202 Gold 136
Mississippi State Maroon 202 White
Missouri Gold 124 Solid Black
Oklahoma Crimson 201 Cream 468
Oklahoma State Orange 166 Black
Nebraksa Red 186 White
Notre Dame Navy 289 Gold 117
Ohio State Scarlet 200 Gray 424
Ole Miss Red 186 Blue 2767
Oregon Yellow 107 Green 567
Penn State Navy 282 White
Pittsburgh Navy 289 Gold 4515
South Carolina Cardinal Red 201 Gold 123
Stanford Cardinal Red 201 Cool Gray 11
Texas Burnt Orange 159 White
Texas A&M Aggie Maroon* Cool Gray 11
UCLA Blue 285 Gold 123
USC Cardinal Red 201 Gold 123
Virginia Blue 282 Orange 172
Virginia Tech Maroon 208 Black
Wake Forest Gold 8640 Black
Washington Purple 273 Gold 117
West Virginia Blue 295 Gold 124
Wisconsin Green 343 White
Yale Blue 6255 Warm Gray 7

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