Tailgate Destination: Cleveland

Welcome to Cleveland, home to some of the most passionate, loyal fans on the planet. Sure, they’ve got a little edge to them. Try to think about the last time the Indians, Browns or Cavaliers won a championship. Not hard to imagine where that edge comes from, now, is it? Still, the Dog Pound perseveres and they do it with full hearts...and full stomachs.

The first rule when traveling to the Sixth City: come as a fan of the home team or as a world-class trash talker. Browns fans can get testy so it’s best to appease the natives in this case. Luckily, these natives enjoy a good brewski. When you’ve had to deal with as much disappointment as these stone cold fans, one can never have too many. In fact, if the Browns fail to make the postseason in 2014, the people in Cleveland will have a consecutive playoff absence for every beer in their 12-packs. Good grief, Charlie Brown.

On the bright side, Cleveland tailgates are a big reason why the fan base has stuck together through the tough times. It all starts with the food and the Dog Pound possesses a special talent for grilling. Picture the perfect game day burger or maybe some smoked sausage or beer can chicken. Need a minute? The gates open at 6 a.m. in Brown Town so breakfast isn’t out of the question either.

No tailgate destination is complete without some legendary tailgate rigs. The Dog Pound favors the big body vehicles for their game day chariots. Big as in school bus big. Horseplay might be a bit more acceptable in these versions though. “The Kennel” is one such signature Browns ride sporting a bright orange and brown coat of paint and big enough to carry the whole crew. The “Tailgate Dawg” is another bus adaptation that would make Harry from “Dumb and Dumber” stand up and applaud.

When you put it all together from the food to the fans to Johnny Football (in like a year or two), there are plenty of reasons to check Cleveland off the tailgate bucket list. Never a dull moment.

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