Tailgating Trends For 2015

With a new year, comes reflection over last year’s tailgates and hopes for what 2015 has in store. Tailgaters, although college football bowl season may be coming to an end, there are plenty of opportunities to set up the tent and spark the grill year-round. Here are 5 Tailgate Trends to Look for in 2015

1. Smarter Planning

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Long gone are the days you have a call chain to plan the tailgate. Group texts, apps, Facebook – planning ahead for the tailgate and making sure that no one forgets to bring napkins is easier than ever. In 2015, expect a wave of apps to emerge, making the tailgaters life easier. Look for people within your group to “discover” features like the iPhone Drop Pin. Even though it’s been there for a while, 2015 will be the year that Mom sends you a drop pin.

2. Rebirth of Flip Cup

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Beer pong has recently been the choice game for consuming adult beverages. While beer pong is one of the great tailgate games of all-time, it does have negatives: Ping pong balls are required, only 4 players can comfortably participate, and games can last up to 30 minutes. It’s time for another game to return to dominance: Flip Cup. This year, tailgaters are going to value efficiency, sanitation, and be considerate to fellow tailgaters. Flip Cup only requires cups and minimal time – efficient. Players don’t pick up balls from the ground, touch them, and then toss them in a drink – sanitary. Anywhere from 2 – 20 people can play – considerate. 2015: The Return of Flip Cup!

3. So Long, Fireball

Everyone’s favorite, cinnamon-flavored whiskey has hit its peak in popularity. Even Pitbull has a song titled ‘Fireball’. It’s been a fun couple of years with flavored whiskey at the tailgate, but 2015 is going to bring something new. Whiskey will never go away, but I predict tequila to make a trendy comeback. Why? Why not! Summer 2015 is going to be magical, and by the time fall football hits, we are going to bring along our favorite summer tequila to the tailgate and keep the good times rolling.

4. Hotdogs

Burgers and chicken were the kings of 2014. Hotdogs will make a strong showing at your next tailgate. We’ll all remember how delicious and versatile a hotdog can be. They’re tiny, easy to cook, and the possibilities for toppings are endless. Avocado, bacon hotdogs and old-fashioned chili-cheese hotdogs – where were they last year? Imagine a hotdog station with multiple cheeses, Frito’s, bacon, lettuce, tomato, corn salsa – this is 2015.

5. Acid washed jeans

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Possibly the most bold prediction yet, look for acid washed jeans and light denim at a tailgate near you. The trendy tailgaters will set aside their dark, skinny jeans and opt for this classic look you never knew you missed. Mom shorts and acid washed jeans have slowly but surely been on the rise and this is the season that you will spot these 80’s throwbacks playing corn hole with you at the tailgate.

As bowl season comes to a close, we can’t help but to look ahead to the future. As great as the tailgates of 2014 were, this year holds bigger and better things for us. Which tailgate trends do you predict for 2015? Do you think Fireball is here to stay? Join the conversation in the Forum

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