In Focus: Panthers vs. Seahawks

NFC Divisional round is here, and the Seahawks and Panthers will be facing off for a second time this season. Due to injuries, personnel changes and some recoveries, the line-ups will not be quite the same as they were in week eight. One thing that hasn’t changed is the enthusiasm these fans show for their teams. There are many different ways to view this match-up - here are a few ideas.

Wild Kingdom Seahawks v. Panthers in the wild kingdom would be an interesting match-up. With its talons, a seahawk can some quick damage. Its ability to fly gives it an escape factor makes it daunting to catch. However, a panther has a considerable vertical leap (not unlike Kelvin Benjamin). One well-placed swipe of the paw, and the panther could eliminate the Seahawk’s offense and defense in one fell swoop. Advantage – Panthers

Super Heroes Cam Newton has come to be identified with his Superman heroics both from behind center and from his end zone celebration. However, Seattle’s defense is known as the Legion of Boom, and like the Legion of Doom, they like to wreak havoc on the opponent’s offensive plan. Is the Man of Steel enough to diffuse the Boom of the Seattle defense? If Carolina has a few other Super Friends show up on Saturday, it could make the difference. As it stands now: Advantage Seahawks.

David & Goliath Recall the image of Russell Wilson and Cam Newton shaking hands on the field after the game in week eight? Newton at 6’6” and 250 lbs. towered over Wilson who is not even 6’ and nowhere near 250 lbs. However, in the case of quarterbacks, Wilson has been proving the accepted standard as wrong since his rookie season. On the other hand, Newton is deceptively quick for someone of his size. This may not be a traditional David and Goliath match-up after all. Advantage – TIE

The Kraken V. Beastmode This is a match-up designed in football heaven. Greg Hardy and Marshawn Lynch are as tough as they get. It is impossible to imagine either one of them getting blown over. It would be more probably that the collision of these two massive forces might release some new form of energy into the world. Advantage – TIE.

12th Man V. Panther Fans Home field advantage is big, and when it’s in CenturyLink field, it’s even bigger. This is a stadium where the preseason games sell out. The Seahawks found their groove in the second half of the season, but the 12th Man never lost its enthusiasm. The Panther fans can be a rabid bunch, but nearly 3,000 miles may be too much of a distance to hear their roar. Advantage – Seahawks

The prognosticators have given the Panthers only a slender amount of hope of victory this weekend. However, it’s nice to see that the Panther supporters are putting the fanatical back into the word fan. An online poll on a Panther fan website has the Panthers winning at just over 73%. With support like that, anything is possible. So will it be reining champs or the challengers? Who are you pulling for and why in the Seahawks V. Panthers game?

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