10 Best Super Bowl Commercials Since 2000

The Super Bowl is the only game where people will actually get up to refill their drinks or grab snacks during the game, but when the commercials come on they’re glued to their seat. It isn’t the Cheese Whiz keeping them there either. Ever since this writer was in diapers the Super Bowl has been a larger than life sporting event that seemingly breaks its own ratings record year after year.

However, with that being the case, to create a true top 10 the sample size had to be reduced. Sorry, no Mean Joe Green or Budweiser frogs. New classics are sure to arrive Sunday, but for now take a trip down memory lane and maybe brings some snacks for nostalgic purposes.

Bridgestone “Animals Screaming”

Most people don’t stop for squirrels, but this hilarious commercial might make somebody think twice. Cut after cut of animals (and bugs) screaming for their pal with photshop’d gaping mouths sent every party into an uproar back in 2008.

Doritos “Jacked”

This commercial’s special effects alone put it on this list. Sending a monster truck on a huge jump over school buses and then proceeding to run it through a fine china shop and through a fireworks factory to prove just how explosive your new chips are takes a lot of gusto. Props, Doritos.

Skechers “To Catch a Cheetah”

The cheetah eyes his prey and the chase is on! Wait. Is that a human? Is he actually gaining on the cheetah? Skechers went against the fastest breathing thing on this planet and won. In the commercial. Still pretty cool though.

M&Ms “Sexy and I Know it”

“So it’s that kinda party?” Cue the music. M&Ms always brings it, but this one was especially fun as the red M&M mistakes the party’s theme when he sees the brown M&M--whom all the men to this point have thought was naked. Hint: it’s a brown shell. Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, yeah!

Taco Bell “Viva Young”

This 2013 classic features old people behaving badly. Or just like kids. It’s the message from Taco Bell to live like you’ve still got that swing. The elderly break out of the retirement home, jump in people’s pools, set fire crackers off, then hit the club. After that? Fourth meal, of course.

Snickers “Betty White Backyard Football”

This ad kicked off Snickers’ “You’re not you when you’re hungry” commercial series in 2012 and it’s still running today! Betty isn’t Johnny Jam Boogie. She’s better. Glad Snickers noticed and gave us this gem to remind us to hit the snack table for seconds.

The “Bud Light Ability” Series

Bud Light is a Super Bowl stalwart as is the entire Anheuser Busch family. There are many great commercials to choose from the “Up For Whatever” brand, but these really had the party in stitches. Whether it was flying (and being sucked up into a 757 turbine) or breathing fire (and sneezing fire due to cat allergies) we’re both glad and sad BL no longer offers special powers.

The E-Trade Babies “Milkaholic”

Milkawhat?? This comical series from E-Trade was a sure crowd pleaser which is why it too ran for more than two years. Who doesn’t like to look at cute kids talking stock options? No one. The stock trading company ran into a little trouble from Lindsay Lohan over the characters, but it was totally worth it.

Ram “God Made A Farmer”

No laughs here. All heart. An iconic commercial that, for the moment, highlighted the oft forgotten backbone of this country. No farmers equals no party grub. But this two minute collage featuring Paul Harvey’s haunting tone took the issue deeper and was probably the best ad of the decade to date.

Budweiser “Wassup” Series

Meet the standard. Budweiser’s commercial featuring the friends with the most memorable greeting of all time shot Super Bowl commercials into the stratosphere of popularity. It actually premiered in 1999, but the 2000 Super Bowl became its launching pad. Numerous offshoots of the original kept America’s favorite group of guys together and on the screen for many years and that’s why it’s the best Super Bowl commercial since the turn of the century.

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