Whodini Sisters

Crisp, Clean and Lean With A Bit Of Magic! Not your typical Bloody Mary Mix!

Whodini Sisters Bloody Mary Potion Seasoning

An all-natural, gluten-free product - containing none of the chemical additives that are in the typical Bloody Mary Mix. It is completely fresh and delicious.

The Whodini Sisters Potion is NOT a Bloody Mary mix. It is a Bloody Mary Seasoning! The key to the unsurpassed flavor of the potion is that the tomato juice is not added until just before serving. This allows all the various spices and flavors to remain distinctive and be savored individually in the cocktail. Many who have tasted The Whodini Potion actually comment on how they can taste each spice and each flavor. This is particularly important to the aspiring mixologist. The Bloody Mary should always be stirred not shaken and served on ice. This makes the Whodini just about perfect!

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