This is definitely a must have for every grilling enthusiast!

Rotisserie cooking enhances the flavor of your food. ROAST 'EM UP!® figured out how to make your outdoor cookouts much easier than spinning a stick with your dinner on it. This octagonal, rolled steel bin slowly tumbles food on rotisserie set for even, roasting of chilies, hotdogs, veggies and more.

ROAST 'EM UP! ® Rotisserie Grilling Roasters for the BBQ Grill are designed to attach to most standard motorized barbecue rotisseries. All you need to do is utilize the rotisserie bar that comes with your rotisserie, slide ROAST 'EM UP! ® in place, lock it in and you're ready to ROAST 'EM UP!® Fits up to a 5/8" rotisserie bar. 7 3/4" diameter X 24 1/2" or 18"long.

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