Hessaire Cooling Solutions

Complete Your Tailgating Checklist With A Hessaire Mobile Evaporative Cooler!

Hessaire Cooling Solutions

Comfort and Convenience

Designed for air-movement performance and evaporation efficiency, Hessaire coolers are loaded with comfort and convenience features not found on competitor models. Oscillation is standard on all models. Molded cup and tool holders on the top of the cooler bring convenience whether you're working or playing.

Quiet and Efficient

Patented axial props are energy efficient, quiet and throw cool air much further. Hessaire fans are designed using the latest tools in computational fluid dynamics to develop the most efficient props. 3 air-intake panels instead of a single panel found on most mobile coolers creates more efficient air delivery to the prop. This means higher evaporation efficiency and lower temperatures.

Light Weight

Hessaire coolers, pound for pound, delivers the most cooling of any cooler in the market. Whether it will be a job site or tailgate party, a Hessaire cooler is the way to go. Molded with durable yet light weight ABS and/or polypropylene resins, these coolers can withstand the abuse.

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