Flame King 1 LB Refillable Propane Cylinder + Kit

Join the next generation of campers, BBQ cooks and tailgate party chefs who choose to re-use. Show your love for the environment! Choose the bright green solution for cooking outdoors!

Flame King 1 lb Refillable Propane Cylinder + Kit

Forget those small disposable propane cylinders that need to be disposed of after use!  Every year, tens of millions of small one-pound cylinders are sold for about $3.00 each in order to allow customers to use about $0.30 worth of propane in each cylinder.  These cylinders are then disposed of as hazardous waste or end up in landfills. 
The Flame King 1 lb Refillable Propane Cylinder and Refill Kit is changing that reality.  With two or three refillable cylinders, users can always have propane on hand but still reduce pollution as well as save time and money.  Users can easily refill their own Flame King 1 ib Refillable propane tanks by simply setting up a stand with a typical 20-lb. propane cylinder, attaching the unique refill spout to the larger cylinder and the smaller 1-lb. cylinder and fill the tank. Refill these DOT approved cylinders as many times as you need!
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