Tailgate Gear

Make sure your tailgate goes off without a hitch! Whether you're throwing a party in the parking lot or in the back yard, there are certain tailgating essentials you should not do without! Here are a few of our favorite gadgets and gear to get your party started!

RAMPSHOT™ Get In The Groove™

Four player outdoor game that utilizes two specially designed ramps and four bouncy balls the size of a racquetball.  Teammates stand on opposite sides of the playing area. Each player gets two shots per round to score points for their team. Points are scored when players toss the ball in the net or their partner catches a ball that bounces off the ramp.

The patented grooves on the top of each ramp cause the ball to take unpredictable bounces which can make for highlight reel catches keeping everyone in the game and in the action!  Whether you are tailgating or just hanging out in the backyard, RampShot is the outdoor game that everyone will enjoy!

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A 40-quart wheeled cooler with a 350 watt Bluetooth portable PA system. It'll run for 16 hours on a charge and hold up to 48 cans of drinks.  Advanced insulation technology keeps ice frozen up to 3 days.  Weather sealed storage and charging area for cell phones and digital music players.  Plays MP3 and WMA music through USB and microSD card slots.  Available in Red, Blue and Orange.  Bring the party with KoolMax! Everything you need is right here!

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Now you can safely take your inside television outside!  TV TOC Box is a protective carrier case/box used for transporting and securing your LED TV that transforms into a stable platform for viewing at your favorite outdoor event.  Once your TV is installed into the patent pending TOC Box, you are all set to carry it to your next event knowing it is secure and protected.  With the TV secured inside and plugged into your power source and receiver choice, it is a matter of opening the front panels of the TOC Box to allow full viewing capabilities.

Whether Tailgating at your favorite Sporting Event or Homegating with friends and family on the patio, the TOC BOX is your solution to safely transporting, storing and viewing your TV!  Take your TV wherever you want to be!

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Zippo All-Terrain Grill™

Zippo introduces the All-Terrain Grill™, your new companion on any journey.  The grill fits in any vehicle and rolls over all terrains - just fold it up and take it wherever your heart desires. Whether you're hitting the stadium parking lot or seeking out your favorite mountainside, the easy-transport features will ensure the grill gets there with you - without stress or discomfort.

Unfold the grill and you're in for a meal that could rival your favorite BBQ joint. The cast-aluminum firebox and lid hold in heat longer for prolonged cooking while the plate vaporizes drippings and locks in flavor. The Zippo All-Terrain Grill™ is sure to impress adventurers and grillmasters alike.  Satisfy your appetite for adventure without sacrificing your appetite for grilled deliciousness! 

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Firman® Portable Generators     

Firman® inverters are fuel efficient, super quiet, and lightweight, for ease of transport. With 2000 watts of portable power, enjoy tailgating, camping, activities around the home or in the RV.  Plus, their exclusive USB port give you the option to power your cell phone, computer, or MP3.  Achieve the ultimate pregame experience with a Firman® Generator!  It's the ultimate in outdoor power!

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