Courtesy of P.J. Clarke’s

The Cadillac Burger

P.J. Clarke’s Signature Burger was given its name by famous American jazz artist Nat King Cole, who proclaimed in the late 1950's that P.J. Clarke’s burger was “The Cadillac of burgers.”

The Cadillac Burger

Chef: CORPORATE CHEF MICHAEL DEFONZO P.J. Clarke’s, New York, Washington D.C.

Serves: 1

6½ ounces P.J. Clarke’s Meyer Beef, ground
1 hamburger bun
1 slice of Land O’Lakes Yellow American Cheese
2 slices Heritage Smoked Bacon, already cooked in oven
1 slice of Spanish onion
1 Kosher dill pickle spear
Lettuce and tomato if desired
Kosher salt to taste
MOLD the ground beef gently into a hamburger patty.

ON A FLAT TOP GRIDDLE, place burger down and season generously with Kosher salt.

ALLOW TO SEAR for up to 4 minutes without moving.

FLIP BURGER and allow to sear for another 4 minutes without moving or touching (never press a hamburger).

PLACE CHEESE on top of the burger patty and let the steam from the burger patty melt the cheese.

ARRANGE COOKED BACON slices on top and serve on bun with onion slice underneath and a pickle.


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