Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil

With your grill and heavy duty aluminum foil, you may not even need your kitchen this summer!

Your extra-tough partner for easy prep, cooking and clean-up, on and around the grill. At 18” wide, heavy-duty Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil is the size and strength you need to focus on the food and “kill it on the grill!” Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil’s “dull side” gives you a food-safe coating to keep food from sticking! It’s convenient and easy to use when grilling away from home. From preparing and packing your cooler, to grill set up, cooking, and finally, wrapping leftovers, Kingsford® Non-Stick Grilling Foil is tough, reliable and versatile! 

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