JCFootball.com Team


Kevin Lustgarten
Founder & Managing Editor

Launched JCFootball.com in the summer of 1999. Handles general business operations as well as combine coordination, event sponsorships, site structure, content management, and prospect scouting programs. Scouts approximately fifteen California community colleges in addition to all NJCAA schools.

Background includes eight years as Operations and Product Development Manager for book publishing company. Spent last two years in Project and Product Management roles for high tech companies. Earned BA from the University of Washington.

Lives and works in Seattle and is married with two children.

2002 Combine Coordinator & Consultant

Dave Ogas

Eule Ford, Texas
Arna Bontemps, Scottsdale
Steve DaPrato, NorCal


JC Grid-Wire PLUS
Hank Ives

Game & Special Stories
John Van Gaston
Dave Rogahn
Tim Daniel (Beginning Summer '02)
Michael Gresham
Steve Diffey

Strength and Conditioning Consultant
Robert Dos Remedios

Special Projects
Priest Payne

More to be announced...

Our thanks go out to SIDs all over the country, who send us pre- and post-game stories throughout the season. Similarly, we owe a debt of gratitude to coaches everywhere. Their contributions are evident in just about everything you see on JCFootball.com, from prospect lists to feature stories. Additionally, we thank: California Community College Coaches Association (CCCFCA), Commission on Athletics (COA), NJCAA Football Coaches Association, TheInsiders.com network, our community of message board users and general readership, several anonymous donors (thanks guys), conference statisticians (2001: Brett Brown, Ira Hertzoff, John Vraa, Fred Baer, Thom McDonald, Matt Metcalf, Rob Ludwig, Don Adams, Eric Mendoza, Robert Schmidt, Gary Kollenborn), and our subscribers. I'm sure we left some out, though not intentionally!