Jantz off to a fast start for CCSF

City College of San Francisco is off to another good start, beating their first two opponents by a combined score of 93-25, and the trigger-man for the Rams' potent attack is QB Steele Jantz (6-4, 215). JCFootball.com spoke to the talented signal-caller recently and he updates us on the first two games at the helm of one of the top JUCO programs in the country...

"It's been fun so far, but things never let up here," Jantz told JCFootball.com. "We are always trying to get better and we play in one of the toughest conferences in the country so it's not like we can just sit back and relax.

"We won't let ourselves do that anyway and the coaches won't either. We want to get a national championship again and these are the first two steps toward that, but we have a long way to go still and there are a lot of things, little things, that we can correct to be even better."

So far, in two games, the talented signal-caller has been almost perfect hitting on 57.5% of his passes for over 600 yards with six touchdowns and only one interception and leads the Rams with 106 yards rushing.

"We're loaded at wide receiver which makes things easy on me," Jantz said. "We have plenty of guys I can go to in any situation, so we have a lot of weapons.

"I can get out and run a little though and that helps keep defenses off-balance which is always a good thing."

Recruiting hasn't really taken off at this point, but in Jantz's mind there is a time when that will be important, but that time isn't now.

"I'm concentrating on getting us a championship, so I'm not really worried about recruiting right now," Jantz noted. "My coaches will make sure my name gets out there to the right schools and I need to get film of myself anyway, so right now that isn't an area I'm that worried about."

Jantz was lightly recruited out of high school and decided to walk-on at Hawaii hoping to earn a scholarship.

"I was ahead in school and could graduate in January (of 2008) so I decided to do that and I walked on at Hawaii thinking I could possibly get a scholarship," Jantz told JCFootball.com back in the summer. "I wanted to have a chance to play D-1 football, but after redshirting there, I felt like I had some better opportunities if I came back to California and went to City.

"Last year, with Darius here, I only got time during the end of games, basically garbage time, so this year I need to show schools what I can do because they really haven't seen me do much for a while."

Jantz will finish up his AA degree in December and he'll have two years to play two wherever he ends up.

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