Film Study: Butte RB Travis Davidson

Butte RB Travis Davidson had a big season in 2010, rushing for 1,166 yards and 16 touchdowns on a team that finished with an 8-2 record. Here's some highlights from his sophomore season and a look at what he does best and what he needs to work on once he gets to the next level...

The first thing you notice about Davidson when you sit down to watch his film is his speed once he breaks into the open field, running away from linebackers and defensive backs who seemingly have the angle on him down the field.

Davidson isn't a scat-back, one that is adept at making defenders miss in space. What he does best is plant his foot and explode through the hole. He rarely takes a hit straight on and this allows him to use his balance and speed to his advantage.

On thing he will need to get better at is being a better receiver out of the backfield. While he put up big numbers on the ground, he only managed to haul in 11 receptions for 52 yards as a receiver.

That doesn't mean he doesn't have soft hands, but what it says is that he either struggled some in pass-protection and thus didn't get a lot of opportunities to make plays on third-and-long or he wasn't very good at reading coverages and making the right decision when running option routes.

Here's Davidson's film from the 2010 season. See what you think...

Tr avis Davidson Scout Profile

Travid Davidson 2010 Highlights

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