Kilgore DB sets up first two visits

Heading into the 2010 season, one of the more promising JUCO corner prospects was Kilgore's Junior Osunde (5-11, 190). He followed up a very good freshman season with a solid 2010 campaign and he's now turned his focus toward recruiting and has two visits set up to schools and a third could be just on the horizon...

The flurry of activity surrounding mid-year JUCO prospects has hit a fever pitch and as a player getting his fair share of attention, Osunde has two official visits set up and one more could be in the offing.

"I'm visiting Florida International next weekend," Osunde told "I'll be visiting Kansas State on the 17th of December too, so things are hitting a good pace for me right now.

"Southern Miss wants me to come out and visit them and they are coming to see me early this week and that's when we'll probably set it up.

"My last day of school is on December 8th, so I can go mid-week to visit schools and that's probably what I'm going to do for a visit to them and I can do that with other schools too."

Osunde's list of offers has increased since the Rangers' season ended, hauling in full rides from FCS schools Stony Brook and South Carolina State as well as Souther Illinois, Southern Miss and Florida International from the FBS ranks.

"Kansas State hasn't offered yet, but they like me a lot and they said when I come up there for a visit, they want me to commit and that tells me they are probably going to offer me pretty soon or possibly on the visit," Osunde noted. "Auburn also just called and I talked to them for a while and Kansas and Hawaii have just started to show me a lot of interest too."

As a freshman in 2009, Osunde posted 51 tackles, over 10 passes defensed and conference leading six interceptions and this season, even with teams throwing away from his side, the talented cover-corner still managed to post 48 tackles and two interceptions.

"I have good size and quickness, so I can play man-to-man and be a lock down and that's what I really like to do," Osunde told this summer. "It doesn't really matter though because I like playing off and playing zone as well.

"That type of D allows you to read the quarterback and then make a play on the ball and when you can do that you can make picks and then change the game."

Osunde plans to sign with a school at some point during the mid-year signing period (December 15th - January 15th) and he will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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Junior Osunde 2010 highlights

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