Lewis has his eyes on big 2011 season

A physical safety prospect to keep an eye on during the 2011 season promises to be El Camino's Royce Lewis (6-0, 210). After a solid freshman campaign, the sure-tackling defensive back has been in touch with a couple FBS schools and says he's learned from his older brother how hard he has to work to get to the highest level of football...

Lewis spent his first three years at Narbonne High School in Harbor City, Ca., but his senior year was spent at Fremont (Ca.) High School.

"When I got there I played a lot, but we didn't have a lot of guys get recruited out of there, so I didn't get a lot of attention," Lewis told JCFootball.com recently. "I also dislocated my shoulder my senior year, so I had to get surgery and rehab it.

"It's all good to go now though and when I got the El Camino, they put me right in at strong safety and I feel like I played pretty well."

Lewis had a solid season for the Warriors posting 70 tackles and one interception, but said he hopes to be even better this fall.

"The thing I think I do best is cover slot receivers," Lewis said. "I can come up and tackle and be a sure-tackler, but covering slot receivers for a strong safety is usually the hardest thing they do and I feel like that is something I do really well.

"The way they motion them out and they use picks, you have to be real aggressive with them and most offenses assume the strong safety can't cover as well, so I think I surprise people with how well I can do that."

As far as working out this offseason, Lewis has been lifting four times a week and running agility and ball drills twice a week in preparation for the 2011 season and his work ethic, combined with the knowledge his older brother, current Seattle Seahawks S Roy Lewis, has given him is what drives the talented JUCO DB.

"Watching the way he does things gives me a lot of motivation," Lewis said. "He works so hard and that is something that sticks out.

"I think a lot of players think that NFL players have it made, but it's a job and a lot of hard work to get there and then to stay there you have to work even harder.

"That's definitely something I've taken to heart"

On the recruiting front, Lewis has heard from both Oregon State and Houston, but at this point things have slowed down as he gets ready for spring football.

"I know Elco has a lot of schools come through in the spring, so hopefully I can show my stuff then," Lewis said. "A lot of schools need a safety who can cover and that's definitely what I do best."

Lewis was a full-qualifier so he plans to sign with a school in December and he will have three years to play two following the 2011 season.

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