Elmore back and better than ever

It's been a roller-coaster for Moorpark DE Cory Elmore (6-5, 275). After a routine checkup with his doctor showed a hole in his heart back in 2007, the only sensible thing was to give up playing football at the University of Arizona, but now that he's back and healthy, he's set his sights on earning a scholarship to play D-1 football again…

"It was really tough, but I didn't want to give up my dream of playing in the NFL," Elmore admitted to JCFootball.com recently. "I was just at my doctor and he found a hole – it's called an Atrial Septal Defect – and about 40% of the population actually has the same thing, but because I was an athlete and playing football, it was going to affect my life and the lifestyle I was living, you know, lifting, eating, running, all that stuff, it wasn't really a lifestyle that was going to help me get better, so I had to quit."

So after signing with Arizona in 2006, Elmore, whose twin brother Ricky was drafted last month by the Green Bay Packers, walked away from the game he loved, but now he's back to full-health and has gotten himself weighing 275 pounds while only sporting 12% body-fat.

"I'm ready to show everyone that I'm back and able to do the things necessary to reach my goals," Elmore said. "I set my goal of playing college football again and playing in the NFL and I don't think either one of those are too lofty since I come from the same bloodlines as my brother Ricky who is going to be playing for Green Bay this season (if the NFL figures out their labor issues)."

Elmore has been working out hard this spring with Moopark and will play either side along the Raider defensive line, depending on the needs of the defense.

"My coaches have me standing up and playing with my hand on the ground because they want me to be able to do both," Elmore said. "I'm feeling really quick and strong right now. I did 41 reps of 225 pounds this spring and I have a 32-inch vertical and I've really learned how to eat right and how to work out to maximize my strength and my explosiveness."

At this point, Elmore has yet to start hearing from four-year schools, but he has maintained a relationship with the Arizona coaching staff.

"I'm not sure if it will work out for me to head back there, so I'm keeping my options open," Elmore said. "I just want to play college football so badly and to show people I can do it.

"I could have played Arena football, but it wasn't about chasing money for me. I got robbed of playing the sport I love and I wanted to play college football. Right now, I'm on my way to doing that, but I need to have a good year this year and get on some schools' radars and that's why I'm talking to anyone that will talk to me."

Elmore will be able to sign with a school in December and while he currently has only two years of eligibility remaining, he expects to appeal to the NCAA for a third year of eligibility due to his medical condition.

We'll continue to keep track of Elmore's progress through the recruiting process and we'll update news as it happens.

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