Hester covers the blind side for COS QBs

Every four-year head coach is looking for a bookend left tackle that they can put "on an island" and not worry about. One such player is College of the Sequoias OT Donald Hester (6-5, 315) and recently the talented lineman spoke with JCFootball.com about what brought him out west from Pahokee, Florida and which FBS schools have shown him some interest thus far...

"I wasn't able to qualify so I had to go JC," Hester told JCFootball.com. "I was actually all set to go to a 1AA school, Bethune-Cookman, but I wasn't able to get my test scores where they needed to be, so I had a coach that pointed me out here to COS.

"It's been different for me coming from Florida, but everything has been good and I love it here."

As a freshman for the Giants last fall, Hester started every game at the all-important left tackle position and admitted to having his good moments and bad moments.

"You always have good times and bad, but you just have to forget the last play and focus on the next one," Hester said. "I feel like my footwork is what really helps me out a lot. I am probably a better pass-blocker at this point just because of my quick feet."

This offseason has seen Hester focus on getting stronger while also working on his technique.

"Right now my bench is about 350 to 360 (pounds), somewhere in that range, but I know I need to be stronger, especially against some of the guys I go against," Hester noted. "I also want to make sure my footwork is as good as it can be, so I work on that everyday too."

On the recruiting front, no offers have come in, but several FBS programs have told Hester he's a player they are very interested in.

"I've talked with New Mexico, UNLV and Arizona State the most this spring and summer," Hester said. "They all like me and my athleticism and my size, but they want to check out my transcripts and also just see me a little bit more.

"I know you always have to go out and prove yourself, so I will just keep working on things and showing coaches that I can get it done."

Hester is on pace to finish up his AA in December and he will have three years to play two wherever he ends up.

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