2011 Team Preview: College of the Sequoias

With all the newness surrounding the College of the Sequoias football program -- new coaching staff, new direction, new focus -- one thing that isn't new is the fact that the Giants are loaded with talent once again and JCFootball.com spoke with head coach Robert Dougherty recently about some of his top prospects...

Here are some comments from coach Dougherty on the top COS prospects this year...


OL Donald Hester - "Don, our left tackle, is going to be an outstanding player for us. He's a true lineman -- tough, athletic, great feet -- I mean, he's just a dominant athlete who will do really great things for us and he'll be successful at the next level when he gets there."

OL Claudyson Calixte - "He's not as big as Hester, but he's a great run-blocker and he's a really special player. He'll be our right tackle this fall, but he could play almost anywhere (along the line) because of his athleticism and his toughness."

RB Earl Rhodes - "Earl is your classic big-back. He's right around 250 pounds right now and he's one of those guys you hate to tackle as the game goes along. He gets better as the game goes along and defenses really get tired of seeing him by the end of the game."

QB Austin Albison - "Austin is a big QB at 6'3", 220 pounds. He's a great athlete and he's really bright. He picks things up quickly and he's a good leader which is something you want in your quarterback. He's got great feet and he's really mobile for a guy his size."

OL Lucas Vandertuig - "He's a big offensive lineman. He's legitimately 6'6", 320 pounds and he's impressive when you see him. The thing about Lucas is he played eight-man football, so he was a tight end which means he has great feet. He's just now starting to grasp football and what he can do so he's got huge upside and a really high ceiling."

WR Rolando Jefferson - "If you've followed recruiting the past couple of years, you know about Rolando. He's a real special player and he was recruited really heavily out of high school at Fresno Edison. He didn't qualify so he had to go to a JC and he ended up down at one in Mississippi, but things didn't work out for him down there so he came back up here and we've got him now. Oregon is all over him right now, but I think a lot of schools want to see what his transcripts look like before they go on him. He's got the ability to be in the top two or three wideouts in the nation this year. He's that special."

TE/OL William Watley - "He's 6'8", 240 pounds and we wanted to move him to the offensive line, but we decided to keep him as a tight end because he couldn't put on the weight. He's like an extra offensive lineman for us out there and he's real physical."

CB Miguel Rodriguez - "He's a real physical corner and he's instinctive. He's a big, rangy guy and fits into that 'big corner' mold. Last year he was second in the state in interceptions with seven picks, so he can really go up and get the ball. He'll be out in December so I have a feeling a lot of schools are going to be after him."

S Cameron Loeffler - "He walked on at Nevada as a running back, but he got hurt so he decided to come and play for us. He got switched once the season started to safety and he really proved himself to be a special player. He's smart and he's a leader. He's more of a strong safety and loves to come up and support the run. He's a really good tackler."

DE Joey McCrae - "Joey is 6'3", 255 pounds and he can really run for a guy his size. He's strong against the run and he's getting a lot better at rushing the quarterback. He's a big-time kid."

LB Deandre Maxwell - "He's got tremendous feet and hips. He can cover a lot of ground with his speed and his athleticism. He's got a great motor and he's smart. He's a middle linebacker for us, but I can see him playing outside too depending on the system he winds up in."

S Nick Palomino - "Nick isn't an impressive looking guy when you see him out there on the field, but he's just a football player. He's instinctive and he's always around the ball. He's 'old school' because he just goes out and plays ball and he has a lot of fun doing it. We call him the 'Troy Polamalu' of our team. He doesn't look like Polamalu, but he plays like him."

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