2011 Team Preview: Butte

Butte once again has loads of talent on both sides of the ball and JCFootball.com caught up with offensive coordinator Robbie Snelling and he filled us in on some of the top prospects on their deep roster as well as what each brings to the table as the Roadrunners prepare to compete in the always tough Nor Cal Football Conference…

Here is a look at the top Butte prospects on both sides of the ball…

OT Charles Siddoway - "Charles is a bounce-back from Cal. He was a highly sought kid out of Sheldon (Or.) High School and he is going to be a great player for us. He enrolled here in January and was here for us in the spring and we couldn't be happier to have him. He'll play left tackle most likely. He's big and really athletic. He'll have a ton of schools interested in him during the year when they see what he can do."

OT Nick Von Rotz - "Nick is a real versatile kid. He's a blue-collar guy. He always gets the job done. He started seven games for us last year and right now he'll be battling for the right tackle spot most likely, but he's good enough to move inside and play one of the guard spots."

OL Patrick Hughes - "We love what Hughes brings to the table for us. He can play either guard or center, so we still need to find him a spot, but he's good and we're really happy he's back here. He's a local kid and got a scholarship to Kentucky Christian, but things didn't work out there, so he came home and he'll be a good player for us. He's a 4-2-4 kid, so he'll need to stay until May, but I think schools will be on him pretty hard when they see what he can do."

OL Trevor Goodale - "Trevor is a lot like Nick. He's strong and versatile. He played both right and left tackle for us last fall and we're going to be working hard to find a spot for him. He'll play, I'm just not sure if it will be out at tackle or inside at guard."

RB Tromaine Dennis - "He's just a physical runner and he's at his best between the tackles, but I think he's faster than people think he is. A good comparison is Alex Green who we had a couple years ago and he ended up at Hawaii and now just got drafted by Green Bay in the third round. Alex is probably a little faster, but Tromaine is probably a little more powerful and that's saying a lot because Alex was pretty powerful."

WR Robert Jiles - "Robert is a really talented receiver. He signed with Washington State last fall and as of now, he's still committed to go back there, but things can always change when it comes to stuff like that. He's our top returning receiver from last year, but we were so talented at receiver, he didn't see the field as much as we probably would have gotten him out there any other time. He's a super-talented player and he'll be great for us this year. We expect big things from him."

TE C.J. Carson - "Because of his size, C.J. plays more of an H-back role for us. He has good hands and he's working on adding more size to his frame. We really want to fit him into that traditional tight end role, so we're hoping to use him more there this year. He's a smart kid though and, pound-for-pound, he's probably the most physical player on our team."

TE Jacob Corbaley - "He's a lot like C.J. in that he's about the same size and he can do a lot of the same things. We use him in motion a lot and he's more of an H-back for us, but he's also trying to add some size and muscle to his frame."

QB Dylan Schwartz - "He was out number two quarterback most of last season and he's going to compete for the starting spot this year. He's a big, strong kid. He is probably more of a pocket-passer and he'll do well in our system.

QB Collin Ramirez - "He and Dylan are a lot alike. He's probably a little more athletic and he can get out and run a little more, but his game is pretty similar to Dylan's."

DL Gabe Bruno - "The thing about Gabe is he's probably going to have to go D-2 because it looks like he's only going to be a one-for-one guy, but he's a really good player. He started out at tight end for us when he got here, but we needed some help on defense so he headed over there and last year he was just a warrior for us."

DT Tim MacDonald - "He played both end and nose guard for us last year. We play the ‘Bear' defense, so we have basically three tackles and he played both nose guard and ‘end' for us, but it's basically a three-technique. He's strong and he's got a great motor."

CB Jamaal Bess - "He's our most experienced returning corner. He isn't big, but he's real physical and he covers well. He'll be a guy teams will be after this fall."

CB Domonique Johnson - "He redshirted last season due to some stuff he had to take care of that was of a personal nature. He's back with us now though and he's a big, rangy corner who covers a lot of ground."

CB Craig Jeffrey - "He redshirted too, so he's another guy we get to add to the mix who is mature and really a good player. He's about the same size as Domonique and both of those guys are physical."

K Nikolai Vasquez - "He won the kicking job late in the year with big kicks against San Mateo and in our bowl game. He's a solid kicker and he's got a strong leg. We're real confident in him."

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