2011 Team Preview: L.A. Harbor

Over the past few seasons, the L.A. Harbor Seahawks have produced quite a few D-1 prospects and this year is no different. JCFootball.com had the chance to speak with head coach Brett Peabody recently and he gave us the run-down of his top prospects and some players to keep an eye on this fall...

Here is a list of the top prospects on the Seahawks' roster...

OL Niu Sale - "Niu is a physical kid and a great athlete. We were really fortunate to get him in our system last year and he was great, but this spring he really set himself apart and got a lot of big offers. He's strong, he's got a great feet and a he's a great leader for us. He's committed to Arizona State right now, but he has a lot of schools still recruiting him, so it's a long way for him to go before we know where he will end up."

RB Theron West - "If you watch his highlight film, it speaks for itself. He's just an explosive player and we need to figure out more ways to get the ball into his hands. Last year he backed up John White who is now at Utah and was probably one of the best JC backs ever to play ball at this level, so Theron has big shoes to fill, but he has the ability to be just as good as John and that is a huge compliment. He's got offers from Washington State, Utah State and New Mexico State right now and more schools are really looking at him too."

FB Wesley Nichols - "He's 6-0, 225 pounds and he's got legitimate 4.5 speed so he's a great athlete. He's an outstanding lead blocker and because most of our backs are in the mold of Theron, on the smaller side with big-time speed, Wes can be a real change-of-pace back for us and run out of the one-back sets. He's a throwback and he'll catch some passes for us and just do a lot of different things."

TE Jacob Avery - "Jacob is really going to help us out this year. As good as Sterling Carter was for us last year, Jacob is going to be better just because he's a great athlete and he has exceptional hands. He's the complete package because he can block or be a threat as a receiver. He'll be a special player for us this fall."

WR Ryan Hyman - "Ryan is a real specimen. he's 6-3, 200 pounds, he has a 38-inch vertical and he runs a 4.5 forty. He's a playmaker and he can go and get the deep ball really well because of his ball-skills and explosiveness. He's also an outstanding blocker which is a real key for our running game. Whenever you see big plays in the running game, more often than not it's because the receivers are blocking down field and Ryan does that really, really well."

OL John Turner - "John started 11 games for us at right tackle in 2009 with a torn labrum, so last year he redshirted so he could heal up from the surgery. He's strong -- he's benching over 400 pounds right now -- and he's really a great athlete. He'll be a June grad because he has some classes to catch up on, but he's a smart kid and he'll be a real solid player for whoever gets him."

OL David Rivera - "David is really versatile and can play almost anywhere. He played right tackle for us in 2010, but now with John back, he'll move inside to either guard or center, we haven't decided on that yet, but he'll be a starter somewhere for us up there. He's a really strong kid and he's got great feet. We thought we were going to lose him this spring to Hawaii, but things didn't quite work out so he's back and he'll be a real big contributor for us up front."

DE Austin Flynn - "With what Austin can do on the football field and his size, speed and athleticism, he should be playing in the NFL right now. I told that to a BCS coach that stopped by here in the spring to watch a practice and he was skeptical, but by the end of practice he said 'you were right coach, that kid could be playing the NFL right now'. What really sets Austin apart is his athleticism. He's 6-4, 255 pounds and he clocked a 4.5 this spring. I mean, the kid is just electric. He was our sacks leader in 2009 when he was a freshman and I think he could be one of the top defensive linemen in the country this fall. The only thing holding him back is his grades. That's why he had to redshirt last year, so he could get that all squared away, but for him he's just got to focus on it and I think that's where we are right now and hopefully he takes care of his business because the sky is the limit for him on the football field."

DT/NT D.J. Sheppard - "D.J. is a real plugger inside. He can take up double-teams and he's got a mean streak which we love. He doesn't put up big numbers, but because of him, we are really solid in the middle and he allows other players to make plays."

LB Elijah Sala - "Elijah was first team all-conference last year and with his statline, you can see why. He just filled up the stat sheet last year -- over 60 tackles, 5.5 sacks, four forced fumbles, three fumble recoveries and two interceptions and he took one of those back 90 yards for a touchdown. Idaho has already offered, but Elijah will get a lot more attention this season as teams see what he can do."

LB Erik Kendle - "We are really blessed with four great linebackers. Elijah is sorta the big name, but Erik is a great MIK 'backer for us. He's really physical at the point of attack and he's a great leader. He's probably the hardest hitter I have been around since I've been coaching. He's a real impact player."

LB Kendle Warren - "Kendle is a big, physical kid. We love what he adds to our system. He led us in sacks last year and he'll be a player to watch how he develops this fall. He's most-likely going to have to go D-2 because of his clock, so someone is going to get a real steal because he should be playing at a D-1 school."

LB Matt Willis - "We got real lucky to get Matt back. He signed with Air Force out of high school. He was in their linebacker rotation as a freshman last year, but after he had been there a while he figured out it wasn't the right place for him so he transferred back here and we're really excited about him. He'll play inside 'backer for us, alongside Erik and he'll be a player schools get on as the season moves along."

LB Cleshawn Page - "Like our linebackers, our secondary is loaded. We have some really good players back and Cleshawn is our top returning guy. He's not the biggest guy out there, but he's physical and he is a legitimate 4.3 guy. He posted a hand-timed 4.28 this spring, so he can really run. He hits like a safety and he likes to come up in run support which is big. We thought he was headed to Western Michigan, but for some reason things just didn't work out. Either way, we are really happy to have him back and he'll be a player that we expect big things from this year."

S Tim Moten - "Tim will be a starter at one of our safety spots. He's a real physical presence and he can drop down and cover guys in the slot too."

CB Darren Elliot - "Darren will have to go D-2 because of his clock, but he's quick and he's a great playmaker. We love his attitude and his skills."

DB Olawaola Falemi - "He's another corner for us that really has a chance to be special. He's close to getting some offers. His problem is that he backed up Byron Moore last year which meant he didn't get a lot of reps. He's going to be a great player for us though. He's smart and we love the way he plays. He's also a 4.4 guy, so he's got great recovery speed."

S Esston Al-Uqdah - "Esston is a freshman for us, but he was a full-qualifier so he could get some attention this year and leave if he plays like we think he will. He was at Crenshaw and they used him at linebacker, but he's only about 6-0, 200 so we are moving him to safety. He's a physical player and he's got great football instincts."

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