2011 Team Preview: Blinn

Blinn got off to a good start to their 2011 season as they downed rebuilding Fort Scott 65-18 last week. JCFootball.com caught up with Buccaneers defensive line coach Keith Browning recently and he gave us some info on some of the top prospects on the roster...


RB Marion Grice - "Just a big physical kid. He's strong and he can either be a spread-back or an I-back. We love the way he runs between the tackles, but he's good in space too. He's 6'0", 215 pounds and he just abuses people. He's already got a bunch of offers and he'll have some great options when he makes his decision later this year."

OL Armondo Alverez - "He's a great player. Really physical and loves to just get after guys. He's going to have a lot of schools offering him after they see more of him this year."

OL Xavier Ruben - "He signed with Baylor as a defensive tackle, but we needed him on offense and I think that's a great place for him, but he could play on either side of the ball and do well. He's big and physical. He might play some center for us, but he'll start at guard where he started all of last year for us."

OL David Nealey - "He's 6'6", 320 and he's going to be a big-time guy. He's athletic and he really has a great mentality out there. Schools are already looking at him and I think you'll see a lot of offers come in for him after the first month of the season."

WR Xavier Maxwell - "Xavier led our team in receptions last year and we expect a big year out of him. He's a vertical-stretch kid. He's fast. He's a legit 4.5 guy, so he can really go and get it."

WR Saqwan Edwards - "He's another outside guy who is fast. We really like to send him deep and let him go get it. He's athletic and he's fast too."

WR Jacob Bennett - "The other guys are the outside guys, while Jacob is our slot guy. In our offense, he's a starter too and he's a great player. He's strong and gets off the press well and he likes to go over the middle which is huge. He'll be a highly recruited kid."


DE Ishmael Hayes - "We are lucky because we have a lot of great linemen this year. Ishmael is probably going to be the most highly recruited. He's already got offers from Iowa State, Ohio, Marshall and Purdue and he's got a bunch more looking and that are pretty close to offering. He's impressive as an athlete. He's 6'6, 250 and he can fly off the edge. We really love the way he plays. He's big-time."

DE Roland Bordelon - "He's another great athlete and he's got a great motor. We love him and the way he plays. He's strong."

John Gandy - "John is a guy to watch this year. He's our 'rush end'/outside linebacker. He is a great athlete. He'll be a stand-up rush-linebacker in a 3-4 and he'll put up big numbers here and also at the next level."

DT Logan David - "Strong kid. Athletic. He's a shade-kid (nose tackle) all the way. His best spot is as a 3-4 nose tackle. He really causes problems for opposing offenses because you can't handle him one-on-one."

DT Jeremy Williams - "Jeremy is a great story because he blew out his knee last year and had to sit, so this year he's really got to show it and boy has he. He's looked great and I think you'll see him really do well this year. He's explosive and he gets up the field quickly."

DT Ken Smith - "Another great interior guy for us. Ken is strong and he plays with a nasty attitude. He's already got a few offers (Marshall and Ohio) and some other schools are starting to give him a look too."

LB Eddie Porter - "Eddie is really intelligent and he plays fast. He's going to be inside for us, but last year he played the WIL (weakside linebacker) for us. I think, with his body type, he's a better fit inside, but he could play inside or outside and do really well."

S Anthony Watson - "Anthony is a going to be a really good player. He's fast. He's a legit 4.4 guy and with his size (6'1", 200) he can just fly around and really hit you. He's a great tackler. He plays free safety for us, but you could see him play strong safety or even some corner, nickel/slot stuff, at some point too. He's that gifted."

CB Nahshon Davis - "He's going to have a big year this year. He's a big corner at 6'2", 205 pounds and, like Anthony, he can run a legit 4.4. He's a freak athletically and he's really started to put it together mentally and that allows him to play faster."

CB Jeremy Baltazar - "Another big, strong and physical kid in our secondary. He's smart too. He'll be a player to watch."

CB Maurice Poullard - "Maurice signed with UTEP out of high school. He isn't as big as the other guys, but he plays big and he's a real athlete. He runs a 4.4 and is super-quick."

**Note - Blinn takes on Southeast Prep (Houston) on Friday in their second game of the season.

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