Recruiting Update: Cisco College

Every year, talented prospects go unnoticed and this year is no difference. Recently, Cisco College head coach Scott Taylor gave an update on some of his players and said they are ready to go right away...

QB Jacob Morgan - "Jacob is a great kid and he's really talented. He gave up baseball and concentrated on just football this year and he had a really good season except for his interceptions and I take the full blame for how many he threw (19). We got behind and I had to call too many passes and teams were just sitting on that. If it weren't for our play-calling, he wouldn't have thrown as many and would have had a higher percentage, but that isn't how it played out. He's ready to go now and he will make some team really happy if they take a chance on him."

2011 Stats: 205 of 375, 2,840 yards, 25 touchdowns, 19 interceptions

RB Jamal Nero - "Through five games when he was a freshman back in 2010, he was leading the nation in rushing, but then he injured his knee and he was out for the rest of the year. He still had a great year, but there were times when you could see he wasn't fully back to 100% health and that is probably why some teams haven't offered him yet. I know that the Texas Tech coaches have talked to him and there are a few other schools looking at him, but he can move on right now and we want to find him a place where he can help someone out right away."

2011 Stats: 680 yards, 5 touchdowns rushing

TE Charles Plaster - "Charles can really catch the ball well and he's improving a lot as a blocker. He will get even better as he keeps doing it. It's something that can take time, but he's got it in him to be a great blocker. We just need to find him a place to go and where he can be successful. He can leave right now."

2011 Stats: 11 receptions, 93 yards

G Tanner Henry - "Tanner came to us as a freshman this year and he played really well. He's a legit 6'4", 280 pounds and we feel he can be really successful at the next level. Because he's a freshman, not a lot of people know he can leave right now, but we are trying to get his name out there to give him a chance to go right now if someone needs him."

T Jeremy Polk - "Like Tanner, Jeremy is only a freshman, so he could come back next year, but he was a full-qualifier, so he can leave right now and we want to get his name out there for anyone who is looking for a guy with his skills. He's big and athletic and he's strong. He played left tackle for us this year and he did a great job."

CB Tryus McGlothen - "Tyrus has been one fo the top cover-corners in the conference the past two years. He was All-Conference last year and this year and because he's so physical, he can play corner or safety. He's got great instincts and he's tough. He can leave right now too."

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