Shead makes a fresh start at Navarro

After spending the past two years with the Texas Longhorns, current Navarro RB Traylon Shead (6-2, 225) decided he still wanted to be a feature tailback. So after the 2011 season he decided to join the Bulldogs in the hopes of garnering some attention from some four-year schools in the hopes of continuing his college football career...

"I loved my time there at Texas, but I needed to get a fresh start," Shead told "The coaches and players there, I miss all of them, but I had to do what was right for me.

"I wanted to play running back and I just didn't feel like I was going to get that chance there, so I left and found a place here at Navarro.

"They have a great program here and a great tradition. They get a lot of guys ready for the next level and moved on, so I figured if I came here and had a great season that I would get another chance to play D-1 ball."

With his impressive size, one might think that Shead is just a "between the tackles" runner, but he said that would be an incorrect assumption.

"I'm instinctive and really it just depends on how the game is going," Shead said. "People all think that I'm a power-back and I can do that definitely, but I have enough speed to get outside and I can make guys miss if I need to.

"I like doing it all and when I was at Texas I learned a lot of stuff I never really knew even though I had been playing ball for a while."

On the recruiting front, things are a bit slow, but that probably has more to do with the fact that schools don't know he's available again.

Even so, Shead said he's already thought about where he's looking to land.

"Right now, I'm definitely looking for the best opportunity for me," Shead said. "Staying close to home would be great, but football is a game where you have to travel a lot, so I can leave and move away and not worry about it.

"I just want to find a place that likes to run the ball and where players can be successful. Academics are important too, but I can get a good education wherever I go."

Shead falls under the 4-2-4 rule where players who enroll at four-year schools must get their AA before the re-enroll at another four-year school, so he plans to complete his two-year degree in December and he will have two years to play two wherever he ends up.

We will continue to keep track of Shead in the coming weeks and months and we will update news as it happens with him.

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