Riverside's Hall is ready for a big season

Riverside CB Tray Hall (5-10, 175) is planning to follow up a solid freshman season for the Tigers with an even better sophomore campaign. JCFootball.com caught up with the talented cover-corner and he updated us on how things have been going this offseason...

Hall prepped at Roosevelt High School in Corona (Ca.) and was unable to qualify so he decided to play with his close friend and cousin, Bruce Jones.

"He told me it was a great program to play at and he just signed with Texas Tech this year," Hall told JCFootball.com recently. "He lived with me while he was there his freshman season, so I was always up at their games. I got a real good look at their coaches and I really liked them and I knew it was a great program and the right place for me."

As a freshman this past fall, while working into the secondary rotation, Hall played mainly nickel, although he did start two games, and totaled 16 tackles and four passes defensed.

"We don't play a certain side. We just match up with a guy and cover him all game long," Hall said. "I like to play up on guys, get right on them and make it tough to get off the line.

"This year I'm working on my strength and my size, just getting stronger and stuff. I'm always working on refining my technique too, but I feel I'm pretty good with my speed and my cover skills."

On the recruiting front, things haven't gotten past the starting line yet, but he knows that will likely change in the next few weeks.

"We start spring ball next week and our coaches said once that starts things will definitely pick up," Hall said. "I'm just working hard to improve and if schools like me, then they will come after me."

Hall is on pace to graduate in December and he will have three years to play two following the 2012 football season.

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