Fort Scott's Barrett is ready to lead in 2012

After sitting for a year, Fort Scott QB Dillon Barrett (6-5, 220) is working hard this offseason with his teammates as they hope to take the Greyhounds back to the post-season. caught up with the talented signal-caller recently and he updated us on what he's been up to this offseason as well as which schools have already started to show some interest...

"We've been working really hard this offseason," Barrett told recently. "We've got a new offensive coordinator and some new coaches and some new guys who are really good. Last year we were on probation, but we still had a pretty good year. This year we want to get back to the post-season.

"We've got good communication and good chemistry and I think we've got a pretty good team and we want to do something special."

At 6'5", 220 pounds, Barrett is the perfect height to direct a pro-style attack, but he's also an outstanding athlete, running a 4.59 forty, and that means he's a dual-threat quarterback who should attract quite a bit of attention.

"In high school my offensive line wasn't very good so it was usually if my first two reads weren't there, then I took off," Barrett recalled. "Here, with the line we have, I should be able to sit back there and be more of a pocket-passer, but I can definitely get out and hurt defenses with my legs if I need to.

"Besides working with my teammates this offseason, I've been studying a lot of film just trying to understand defenses a little more and reading them better."

On the recruiting front, Barrett is hearing from several schools, but at this point no offers have been extended.

"I have talked to Ole Miss, Memphis and North Carolina State and I've gotten some emails from LSU," Barrett said. "I was a full-qualifier out of high school, so I could leave after this semester if the right school came along and offered.

"If not, then I'm happy to play here this season and then sign with a school in December."

If Barrett decides to stay this year he will have three years to play three following the 2012 football season.

We will continue to keep track of things in the coming months and will update news on Barrett as they happen.

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