Sinclair hopes to be a big target this fall

While he was playing his high school football, current NDSCS TE Gannon Sinclair (6-6, 252) had the height, but needed to get bigger and thus he was not heavily recruited. After spending two years in the weight room and putting on weight, he's ready to show college coaches he's got what it takes to be an every down tight end and he's ready to prove that this fall...

"When I was a junior in high school, I was 6'4" and 155 pounds and then as a senior I was 6'6", 205, so I was kinda skinny," Sinclair admitted to recently. "I didn't really grow into my body until I got here and started really lifting and eating right and now I'm at 252 pounds and I think this year is going to be a big year for me."

As a freshman this past season, Sinclair worked hard to find a spot in the Wildcats' spread offense and was only able to muster four receptions for 41 yards, but he did manage to stay on the field when they decided to run the ball and he feels that experience will help him this fall.

"I was a quarterback in high school up until I was a junior, so being physical is something that I've had to work at and get used to," Sinclair said. "I'm much more physical now and I'm getting more physical all the time. I'm a lot stronger and I blocked pretty well this past year and I'm working on my strength a lot this offseason.

"I'm also expecting to be more of a target for our quarterbacks this season too. I'm out running routes with them all the time and I think I'll get a lot more targets this season."

On the recruiting front, things haven't really gotten underway, at least as far as personal contact is concerned, but while he's curious which schools are interested in what he has to offer, he admitted that it isn't something he's too worried about at this point.

"Our coaches tell all of us that we need to leave the recruiting stuff to them for the time being because they want us focused on getting ready for the season," Sinclair said. "I'm fine with that for now because I still have so much to work on. I ask them and they don't really tell me, but I expect that come the season, I'll find out what is going on and that is when it is the most important anyway."

Sinclair was a full-qualifier out of high school so he can leave at any time and he expects to play for the Bobcats this fall and will have three years to play two following the 2012 season.

We will continue to keep track of Sinclair's progress and will update news as it happens with him.

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