Purcell's potential is off the charts

Even though he's only played one year of football, Golden West OL Nic Purcell (6'6, 300) has unlimited potential. That's the conclusion you have to draw when such a raw player already has nearly double-digit offers to his name...

"I never had played football until this past year, so it's been a new experience for me," Purcell, a New Zealand native, told JCFootball.com. "I played mostly basketball and then went on my mission because I am LDS. When I got back, I played rugby for a couple of years and then I came here to the states to go to school and someone said I should give football a try so I did and here we are."

As a freshman this past season, Purcell was obviously a raw player, but he managed to start every game for the Rustlers and he said he has a lot to build off of heading into his sophomore season.

"I played last year at 260, but I'm 300 right now so I've put on some good weight," Purcell noted. "I've just eaten right and lifted all year, so that's been what has helped me the most.

"I've worked a lot on my fundamentals, staying lower, stuff like that, this offseason and that should help me out too."

On the recruiting front, Purcell has garnered a lot of early attention from schools due to his ideal size, athleticism and feet.

"I have offers from Washington, California, Arizona State, Washington State, BYU, Utah, Oregon, Oregon State and South Florida and a couple of others, but I don't remember them," Purcell said. "I just started talking to Ole Miss too, so that's another school that is interested in me."

Purcell is 26 and married, so he's much more mature than most of the players being recruited by four-year schools. He has been on official visits to Washington and BYU and he took an unofficial visit to Utah as well. He said when it comes to making a decision, it won't just be about where he wants to be, it will be where he and his wife want to be.

"I have a great wife and her opinion really matters, especially about stuff like where we will be living in the next couple years," Purcell noted. "When we've visited schools to see them and meet with the coaches, new stuff gets brought up all the time. I am so new to this recruiting stuff, it's hard to keep it all straight.

"I've really enjoyed my visits so far and I think I will probably take the rest of them and then make my decision."

Besides being a big-time recruit on the football field, Purcell is also a stud in the classroom, sporting a 4.0 GPA.

We will have more in the very near future on this rising star who will have three years to play two following the 2012 football season.

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