Snow TE prospect could leave right now

Snow TE Evan Moeai (6-3, 235) had a very good freshman season for the highly-ranked Badgers in 2012 and, as a full-qualifier out of high school, he is eligible to leave right away. caught up with the talented prospect and he updated us on where things stand currently...

"I felt I did pretty well this season," Moeai told "I know there is a lot I could work on, but I felt like I did pretty well and held my own."

Moeai hauled in 32 receptions for 375 yards and eight scores, ranking second in all three categories, while also being a stalwart in the running game.

"I've always taken pride in my blocking," Moeai said. "I'm pretty strong and I play good with leverage, so I feel really comfortable, but this year I'd say I was even better in the passing game just because they used me really well and I was able to get open a lot."

On the recruiting front, Moeai, who was a full-qualifier out of Mountain View High School in Orem, Utah, hasn't really heard from many schools and the assumption is that it is because most programs don't know he's available.

"Obviously my coaches at Snow would prefer me to stay for another year, but a few schools have asked about me," Moeai noted. "Connecticut has called and also Northwest Louisiana that I know of and I know a couple more have called my coaches.

"I'm willing to leave if the right opportunity comes along, but I'm also happy with staying if that's how things work out. We'll see."

Moeai is LDS, so he said he's open to taking his mission within the next year, however, if he signs with a four-year school before that decision is made he will delay that until after his playing days are over.

"If I ended up signing with a four-year school, I would wait to take my mission until later in my life," Moeai said. "I just want to see what happens in the next couple of months on that end and then I'll start thinking about what I'm going to do."

Should Moeai sign with a school this winter or spring, he will have four years to play three wherever he ends up. will continue to keep tabs on Moeai and his progress and will update news as it happens with him.

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