McClelland is worth the effort

Until recently, we here at had been dumbfounded about the recruitment of Mesa WR/TE Tristan McClelland (6-5, 235). However, after speaking to him recently, things became clear as, because of clock issues, he only has one year of FBS eligibility remaining. Regardless, the freakishly athletic prospect is worth the effort and could help a team immediately...

"I have a few D-2 offers and San Diego State has been talking to me a lot and there is a chance they could offer if I visit there this weekend," McClelland told "I did have an offer from Hawaii, but then, as time went on, they stopped calling and I wasn't able to get through to them so I guess they dropped me."

The reason for McClelland's clock issues stem from the fact that he enrolled in school, but did not play and was unaware that the moment he started classes, his clock started.

"Yeah, I didn't realize it had started, otherwise I wouldn't have enrolled or I would have played right away," McClelland said.

As a sophomore this past season at Mesa, McClelland led the team in receptions (72), yards (789) and touchdowns (11) while playing both wide receiver and tight end.

"They split me out a lot, but I played a more traditional tight end role too," McClelland said. "Most of the schools recruiting me have said they like me at one position or the other.

"Some like me at receiver and some like me at tight end. I'm open to playing anywhere that I can make a difference and help a team and also get on the field because, if I go D-1, I only have one year to play. If I sign with a D-2 school, I have two years."

McClelland has already graduated and, as noted above, depending on where he signs he will either have one year to play or two years to play.

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