Denegal is already attracting attention

Pasadena CB Frank Denegal (6-4, 195) fits the mold of the bigger, longer corners you are seeing more and more of across college and professional football. After sitting out the 2012 season because he transferrred from another school, the talented corner is looking for a breakout season this fall and he's already got a few schools eyeing his talents...

Denegal prepped at Lock High School in Los Angeles and was unable to qualify for a scholarship, so he enrolled at Compton College and spent a year there before transferring to Pasadena last summer.

"After I had been there for a few semesters, I found out that their academics weren't good and that I needed to get to a school that had classes and credits that would transfer," Denegal told "I enrolled here ta Pasadena because they have the credits and classes I needed, but I had to redshirt last season so I could make sure all of my classes were taken care of and so that I could just focus on that."

While spending the entire fall working with the team, but also focusing on his work in the classroom, Denegal learned some important lessons.

"I already knew I loved football, but I didn't realize how much I was missing playing," Denegal noted. "I mean, I was still practicing and stuff, but man, did I miss it; the competition and all that. I just missed it all."

With his long arms, quick feet and big body, Denegal fits into the mold of the bigger and longer corner prospects that are starting to become the norm across college and pro football and he said there is only one type of coverage he likes to play.

"I can do it all, zone, whatever, but man-to-man is what I like the most," Denegal said. "I love to be physical and do what I do. I am just me, which is in your face and make you earn it.

"This year I've really been working on my patience at the line. When you play like I do, you sometimes get impatient and then you lunge at guys trying to chuck them and when you miss, you're done, so I am making sure I keep my mental game down and the rest will come."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Denegal hasn't received any offers to this point, but some could be right around the corner as schools like Utah, Troy and Ohio have all come calling.

"My coaches told me those schools are after me, but I haven't talked to any of them yet," Denegal said. "More than anything I'm just focused on getting ready for this season and making sure I'm doing everything I can to help us win. I'm not too worried about the recruiting side right now because that will all come if I do what I need to do."

Denegal appears to be on pace to graduate in December and he will have two years to play two following the 2013 football season.

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