Decision time for Miller is looming

A decision looms for Mississippi Gulf Coast LB Barron Miller (6-2, 226). While he's set to become the starter for Bulldogs this fall, he's considering using his option to redshirt, allowing him to get faster as well as stronger. caught up with the sure-tackling prospects and he updated us on where he's at in the decision-making process...

"Right now, I'm looking at possibly redshirting," Miller told "I've had a couple of schools ask me about it and whether I would consider it because they like me, but they wanted to see me get a little faster. It's definitely something I'm considering, but in the end, it'll be a decision that me and my coaches (at Mississippi Gulf Coast) will decide on soon.

"My coaches said they want to do what is best for me, but they also need to think about the team and if me playing is better for the team, then I'll probably play and that's something we need to decide on in the next month or two."

As a freshman in 2012, Miller racked up 21 tackles and two tackles-for-loss while getting limited reps at the inside linebacker spot.

"I've always had a knack for reading guards," Miller said. "My eyes really help me a lot because I don't get fooled and I have a real feel for reading running plays and then I go and make the play.

"This offseason I've been working a lot on my speed and explosion and I've already seen a big improvement. I'm working with trainers down here from 6 to 9:30 a.m. every day and I can already see it paying off, which has been really cool."

So far this offseason, Miller is still waiting to see that first offer roll in, but two schools have let him know they are interested.

"Louisiana Tech and Southern Miss have been the two that have shown me the most interest," Miller said. "There are also a few smaller schools too, but those are the two bigger schools. I'm interested in them and I'd like to play in the SEC, so if a school from there, like Ole Miss or something came in, that would be the ultimate for me.

"I'm open to leaving the state, but if I could stay in-state, then that would be great."

Should Miller decide to redshirt this season, he would have three years to play three starting in 2014 and he's open to returning to MGCC for the 2014 season if he doesn't have an offer he likes. He'll be making his decision soon and he promised to keep in the loop on what he plans to do.

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