Bakers dozen for CCSF OT

He hails from Sweden and has only played four years of American football, but that hasn't stopped 13 schools from offering CCSF OT David Hedelin (6-5, 285). caught up with the talented lineman recently and he updated us on which schools have thrown their hat in the ring and what he's been working on this offseason to help him maximize his potential...

"This offseason I've been working on my strength, my speed and my technique and footwork," Hedelin told recently. "I have a 335-pound bench and a 500-pound squat and I'm trying to improve on both of those, but also on my footwork and speed, so I've been doing different drills to help me with that."

As a freshman last season for City College of San Francisco, Hedelin, who grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, played both tight end and offensive line, but this year he's just going to focus on tackle and making himself better.

"We flipped our line almost every play because we played with a strong side and a quick side," Hedelin said. "This year though, we're going to do more left and right stuff, so the line won't switch as much and that'll help me get used to the left side.

"If I had to choose one thing that I'm good at, it is probably run-blocking just because I'm really aggressive and I like to be physical. I can pass-block well too though, but I'm probably better as a run-blocker right now."

With his outstanding size and athleticism, schools have overlooked the fact that he's about as raw as you can get and 13 have offered very early in the process.

"My offers right now are from Arkansas, Arizona State, Arizona, Kansas, Oregon, Oregon State, Ole Miss, USC, California, Kansas State, Tennessee, Western Kentucky and Washington State," Hedelin said. "Right now those are the main ones I've spoken too. I know my coaches have talked to schools, but those are the ones that have offered and they are the ones I've been speaking with the most."

Hedelin spent the first 20 years of his life in Sweden and played for the sub-19 and seniors American football team while he was there before moving with his parents to Argentina for a year. He then traveled back to Europe and spent six months in Spain before moving to the United States and settling in the Bay Area.

"A lot of people might have a hard time adjusting to a new country and a new sport, but I've lived in four countries in three years, so it hasn't been that tough for me," Hedelin noted. "I love it here and I'm looking forward to the future and where this all takes me."

Hedelin is on pace to finish up his AA degree in December and he will have three years to play two following the 2013 football season.

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