Sylva content to let process run its course

After a solid freshman season, Dean LB Jason Sylva (6-3, 250) has drawn attention from several schools. Even though he's already committed to one Big East program, he told that he's keeping and open mind and letting the recruiting process run its course...

"I'm committed to Connecticut right now," Sylva told over the weekend. "I committed to them out of high school and I've stayed committed to them since they helped place me here at Dean, but I'm keeping my options open too. I want to have open eyes for other schools if they want to recruit me because I want to make sure I make the right decision."

Besides his offer from the Huskies, Sylva has also been hearing from the likes of Iowa, Iowa State, UMass and Buffalo.

"Those are the schools that I have actually talked with the coaches and met them in person," Sylva noted. "I'm getting a lot more calls and stuff from schools, but I don't consider it too serious for them right now since I haven't actually met the coaches yet."

One of the biggest reasons Sylva has become a hot commodity over the past few months is his outstanding size, his athleticism and his instincts, all traits that helped him total 55 tackles, eight tackles-for-loss and three sacks while playing mostly inside.

"I can play anywhere honestly," Sylva said. "I play inside or outside for us. Sometimes, they needed me inside and I can do that, but honestly, I think I'm probably at my best outside because I'm good at stopping the run and I can drop well into coverage.

"This summer I've been working hard on my speed and becoming more agile and flexible just so I can get in and out of my breaks better. I've also added some size and I think that will help me take on blockers as well."

As far as his academics are concerned, Sylva has been hard at work in the classroom this year and is hoping to graduate in December, but if not he will finish up his schoolwork in May and he will have three years to play following the 2013 football season.

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