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Mesa DL Claude Pelon (6-5, 275) became one of the more popular JUCO recruits in the spring and things have continued to hum along for him. caught up with him recently and he updated us on his top schools and some of his possible future plans...

"Right now, my top two are Washington and Nebraska," Pelon told "Miami is in there too, so they would be third, but Washington and Nebraska are my top two."

Pelon said things got a little nutty in the spring, but they've calmed down some now that the football season is about four weeks away.

"It was crazy there for a little bit, but it's died down a little now and it's allowed me to focus on getting ready for my season, but also it's helped me see which schools stuck out," Pelon said. "There was a lot of 'noise', so it was tough to separate things, but now I can see which ones have sorta stuck out and that's Washington, Nebraska and a little bit with Miami."

On his three favorites, Pelon has thought about what has allowed them to pull away and he listed a couple things for each one...

On Washington: "They play great football there and I really like the coaches a lot. They are top-notch and they have a great tradition. You also have to consider life after football and up there, the opportunities are pretty amazing. I also liked the school and the facilities. It was the total package."

On Nebraska: "Nebraska's tradition speaks for itself. It's a great program and they also have great coaches. They have great academic support there and I liked the feel of the program there."

On Miami: "Well, they're my 'hometown school' you know. I mean, you have to consider the chance to go home and be part of something there. They have great coaches too and all of their games are on national T.V. and they have great academics too."

As far as visits, Pelon said he has yet to firm up his dates, but said he was looking at visiting Washington when they play Oregon and possibly Miami when they face off against Florida State.

"Honestly, I haven't set anything in stone yet, but that'll happen here pretty quickly," Pelon said. "I definitely want to visit Washington and Nebraska and probably will visit Miami. After that, I might take my last two visits or I might just pass them up. I'm not really sure right now on that."

Pelon is on pace to graduate in December and he will have three years to play two following the 2013 football season.

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