Top JUCO QB Hopes To Find A Home Soon

Last year, Mesa (Az.) QB Blake Kemp (6-2, 210) put up some monster numbers. With the way he lit up secondaries, you would expect him to have multiple-offers to choose from, but that isn't the case. The talented signal-caller is still waiting patiently to find a school to call home in 2014 and he and his head coach, Ryan Felker, updated on where things stand at this point in time...

"It's hard for me to believe, but he's still waiting to find the right situation for himself," Felker told "He's had some partial scholarship offers and some D-2s have come through and offered, but this is a kid who can play at the highest level. With the numbers he put up, the way he leads guys, his toughness, his decision-making, I just can't understand why no one has come after him harder."

Kemp had been hearing from plenty of schools that were looking for a JUCO signal-caller, but almost all of them have signed one at this point.

"Georgia State was looking at me and UNLV was too, but they both signed a quarterback so, I'm sorta waiting right now," Kemp said.

As a sophomore this past season, Kemp put up some huge numbers, completing 65.1% of his passes (229 of 352) for 2,961 yards with 27 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. He also rushed for 128 yards and scored three touchdowns on the ground as well.

"I can run if I need to, but I'm more of a pocket guy," Kemp acknowledged. "I'd rather distribute the ball to my receivers and let them make the plays."

"He's really accurate and he makes great decisions, but I think the biggest thing with Blake is that he's such an incredible leader," Felker noted. "He's one of those guys that kids just flock to. They want to play for him, they want to win for him. He'll help build someone up if they need to be, but he'll also call you out when it's warranted.

"He's got all the traits of a great quarterback."

One thing that might have schools thinking twice about offering is the fact that Kemp broke his right (non-throwing) collarbone in the Thunderbirds' last regular-season game (vs. Scottsdale). However, that is a hurdle that schools need to get past since he's had surgery, is nine weeks into his recovery and is now throwing almost going full-throttle.

"The recovery time is usually about two months and I'm past that now," Kemp said. "The doctors said I could start throwing after four weeks and so I started real slow and it's just progressed well since then. I went out and threw the other day and I was cutting it loose most of the time. It felt just fine.

"I've been taking it easy in the weight-room right now, but even that is coming along too."

Kemp is a good student and is able to sign with a school at any time. He still has three years to play two starting this fall so the hope is that during the spring, more programs will start to come after him.

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