James Waits For An Opportunity

Foothill S Donovan James (6-2, 220) hasn't played much JUCO football, but he's still seeing a lot of interest in what he can do from schools looking to add an athletic "in-the-box" safety to their roster this summer...

"I signed with a D-2 (Oklahoma Panhandle State) after high school, but when I was there, I just didn't feel good about being there and some friends of mine started pointing me toward playing at a JC so that I could get qualified to play at a higher level," James told JCFootball.com recently. "I started looking to play at Foothill because several people said it was a good school to go to and that the coaches there do a good job with guys, so I transferred and was there this past season, but I only played in three games because they found out I was a half credit short of being eligible, so I was done for the year."

With his size, speed and aggressiveness, James has still managed to attract the attention of four-year schools looking to add a hard-hitting safety to their roster this summer, despite the fact that he hasn't played much college football.

"I'm graduating the middle of June, so I'm almost done and a lot of schools have said once they see my transcripts and where things stand, I will probably get some offers, but it'll be a while before I see an offer," James said. "California, Utah State and Georgia State are the ones that seemed to like me the most, but I talked to a lot of the schools that came through in May during spring ball and they said I'll just need to be patient and wait until my transcripts can get looked at."

James said his journey has been long, but he's taking as a learning experience and that it will only help him in the long run.

"It's been tough on me a little bit, but I think it's made me stronger," James noted. "I think, in the long run, it will be positive because it helped me learn more about myself and showed me how much I want this and I won't let a great opportunity pass me by."

As noted earlier, James will finish up his AA degree in two weeks and he will have two years to play two starting this fall.

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