Could Hard Work Pay Off For Rowe?

Chabot RB Jayde Rowe (5-11, 215) took a year off to get his academic credits in order and is primed to continue his college career in 2015 with a four-year school as soon as possible...

"After I finished high school (in Canada), I decided to go to New Mexico Military and I was there for a semester," Rowe told recently. "When I was looking around, I heard Chabot was a great place to play with the staff here and the offense they run would fit me, so I came in and it was a good season (in 2013)."

In 2013, Rowe helped lead the Centurions to an 8-3 record by rushing for 1,151 yards and 16 touchdowns.

"I feel like I can do it all out there on the football field," Rowe said. "I can make guys miss, I can get outside the tackles and run away from guys and I can run through guys.

"I've got a 'power-back' mentality, but I can make you miss if it'll help me break something off that's a bigger run."

After the 2013 season, Rowe started to contemplate his future and since none of his credits from his first college semester transferred, he still had quite a few credits to complete, so he decided to take the 2014 season off, get his academics in order and get ready to play in 2015.

"It was the right thing for me to do," Rowe said. "I needed to work hard to get my classes done, but I just finished them up and I have my degree now, so I need to find a place to play."

Rowe said he's been hearing from a handful of schools, but at this point none have offered.

"Eastern Michigan, San Jose State, Purdue and a bunch of smaller schools - NAIA and D-2 - have been talking to me, but I think most of them wanted to see my transcripts to make sure I was done," Rowe said.

Wherever he winds up, Rowe will have two years to play two starting in 2015.

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