Allan Hancock vs. El Camino

El Camino and Allan Hancock played one of the best games in Southern California on Saturday night, showing that they will both be among the top teams in Southern California in 2001. Here are some photos and information about some of the top players from Hancock and El Co.

Allan Hancock College Bulldogs 41
El Camino Warriors 35

On of the top games in Southern California in week one was the battle between Western State Conference power Allan Hancock College and one of Mission Conference's top teams in El Camino.  It figured to be a close game as both teams returned a core of talented players from the 2000 season as well as starting some freshmen in their first college game.

A nice crowd came out to see the Bulldogs and Warriors battle on Saturday night.


The Warriors captains include four of their top sophomores, including defensive end Chris Solomona #90, center Hector Bernabe #68, defensive end Keenan Curtis #1, and flex linebacker Adam Blake #58. 


The Bulldog captains all had strong games on Saturday, including quarterback Ryan Canfield #12, nose guard Val King #99, and center Trevor Hutton #63. 

Whereas the Bulldogs won games with their top ranked defense in 2000, it was the Bulldogs' offense that won the game for them on Saturday night.  Sophomore quarterback Ryan Canfield (Atascadero High School) led a balanced offense in which the Bulldogs passed for 315 yards and ran for 154 yards.  Canfield's leading target was sophomore receiver Jermaine Moore (Maine, Pennsylvania), who had 6 receptions for 172 yards and three touchdowns.  Leading the ground game was sophomore tailback Andre Nickelson (Paso Robles High School), who had to work hard for his 116 yards on 33 carries against a very talented El Camino defense.


Sophomores Ryan Canfield #12 and Jermaine Moore #5 combined for 6 completions for 172 yards and three touchdowns.


Sophomore tailback Andre Nickelson led the Bulldogs ground game with 116 yards on 33 carries.

"That is a salty defense," said Allan Hancock head coach Kris Dutra, who won his first career game as head coach on Saturday night.  "I'd put that defense up against anyone in the state," Dutra continued, referring to the Warriors front seven, which should be among the state's best.  The defense kept the Bulldogs running game all but nonexistent until the fourth quarter, when the Bulldogs moved the ball on the ground with some success.

The El Camino defense is led by their front seven, including their defensive line featuring (left to right) defensive end Chris Solomona #90, defensive tackle Chris Voltattomi #74, defensive tackle Brent Pollock #66, and defensive end Keenan Curtis #1.

The El Camino put up a huge offensive performance of its own Saturday night.  Freshman quarterback Ryan Gilbert played well for the Warriors.  On the evening, Gilbert threw for 326 yards and 4 touchdowns.  The Warriors racked up 413 total yards on offense.

Among the top players for the Warriors, and a name that you will be hearing a lot of is freshman offensive weapon Alvin Marshall #24.  A graduate of Locke High School, Marshall was supposed to attend the University of Nebraska.  However, academics prevented him from getting into school.  He decided to attend El Camino, and after Saturday's game, there is no question that he will be the featured part of the El Camino offense.  He lined up as both a running back and a reciever, and the Warriors tried to get the ball in Marshall's hands as often as possible.  He also returned punts and kicks for the Warriors and was scary every time he touched the ball.  He is the type of player that coaches like to refer to as "The Real Deal."  Remember the name.

Allan Hancock and El Camino both proved on Saturday night that they will be among the top teams in Southern California in 2001.

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