2017 College of San Mateo DL Thomas Toki, a Washington State bounceback, should be a force for the Bulldogs this fall

2017 College of San Mateo DL Thomas Toki (6-1, 282) was unable to qualify to enroll at Washington State last summer, so he decided to go the JC route and he has a chance to be a real force up front for the Bulldogs along the defensive line this fall...

"I wasn't able to get qualified," Toki lamented. "I was really excited about going to Washington State and being part of what they are building there and I had a great relationship with coach Joe (Salavea), but I couldn't get my test scores to where they needed to be.

"I took it three times and the last time I was just 10 points short, but that wasn't good enough so I sat out last season and decided to just get things started, so I came to CSM because of the coaches and I had several family members who had gone here and they loved it, so I figured it was the right place for me."

Toki enrolled during the winter and he's been taking part in all of the Bulldogs' offseason workouts.

"They put you through it here," Toki said. "They focus on getting you stronger and making sure you can be a versatile player and that's been really a fun part of things because they see me mainly as a three-tech in their system, but depending on what front we're running, I could be a one or even a five technique. 

"Honestly, I really don't care. I've just missed football a lot and I really just want to get back on the field and hit someone."

While he was out, Toki still continued to work out and got himself in the best shape possible.

"When I graduated high school (in June of 2015) I was 311 pounds," Toki said. "I just started to run and focus a lot on my nutrition and now I'm down to 282 and I feel so much lighter and quicker. It's really helped me a lot."

As far as recruiting is concerned, Toki has been hearing from a few schools, but he figures more will start to stand up and take notice once they see him this spring.

"The main schools I've talked to are Oklahoma State, Utah and Arizona State," Toki said. "Washington State hasn't talked to me in a while, probably a few months, so I'm not really sure how interested they are in me, but if they aren't interested in me anymore, I'll just focus on the schools that do want me and I'll find a good fit for myself."

Toki got ahead on his academic work and is on pace to finish up his degree in May of 2017 and he will have four years to play three following the 2016 football season.

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