McCullers Is Lighting It Up For CCSF

2017 CCSF QB Lavell McCullers (6-4, 215) talks about where things stand on the recruiting front as well as his fast start this season...

McCullers has been one of the early breakout stars of the season so far hitting on nearly 58% of his passes for a state-leading 1,146 yards with eight touchdowns and two interceptions while also leading his team with 146 yards and two scores on the ground.

"I'm very comfortable with passing or running," McCullers told "I would say my abilities as a pocket-passer enhance my ability to create plays with my legs when things break down. My coaches also have some designed runs for me.

"As a passer, I would say my natural arm strength is what sets me apart. I can fit the ball into windows that many other quarterbacks couldn't. I would also say my coaches have a lot to do with me being a good passer. They taught me how to read defenses really well and taught me the concepts and what we're trying to do on every pass play."

With his natural size, throwing abilities and athleticism, McCullers has already drawn the attention of several four-year schools, but so far, no offers have been forthcoming.

"I've been getting interest from Auburn, Cal Poly, California, Louisiana-Lafayette and BYU so far," McCullers said. "I'm just waiting and being patient and taking care of the things I can control which is how I prepare and how I play."

McCullers enjoyed a solid prep career at Aberdeen (Md.) High School and he signed with Marist College, but once he arrived, he had a change of heart.

"I was there for a semester and  then I decided to transfer and go JUCO," McCullers recalled. "I started looking up the top JUCOs in the nation and CCSF was at the top of the list, so I emailed Coach (Jimmy) Collins one day letting him know that I was interested they got back to me pretty quickly and the rest is history."

McCullers is set to finished up his academic work in December and he will have two years to play two following the 2016 football season.

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