No Hurry For Deloach

Because East Central TE Christopher Deloach (6-5, 250) can do almost anything you would ask a tight end to do in today's offenses, his stock has been rising this spring and even though he could leave this summer, he's in no rush to decide where he'll be playing in 2017...

"I was a qualifier out of high school, so I could leave right now if I wanted to," Deloach told recently. "I'm still sorta deciding what I'd like to do because I really enjoy it here at East Central, but the chance to play D-1 ball is obviously my number one goal."

Deloach does have options to leave right away with offers from UABWest Virginia and Arkansas State.

"All three of those schools  have said they like me a lot and want me right now, but they have also told me that if I wanted to stay for another season here, they would honor their offer for me after this season as well," Deloach said. "I'm not really in a hurry right now to decide. I want to see what other schools will come after me and what other opportunities I might have, but I also want to see if it's the right fit for me to leave right now or to wait another season and then leave, so I have a lot of things to think about."

The talented tight end also has received offers from Troy and Texas-San Antonio in recent days.

As a freshman for the Warriors, Deloach handled various duties including splitting out wide at times and also putting his hand in the ground and playing on the end of the line and he finished with five receptions for 110 yards and four touchdowns.

"I was more of a defensive end in high school, but I did play a little bit of tight end too, and when I got here, the coaches said they felt I had more of a future on offense, so last year was really my first time playing only on offense," Deloach said. "I feel like I can do it all -- go in motion, flex out to play sorta as a wide receiver, be attached to the tackle on the end of the line, be offset or in the backfield -- and I think that's why a lot of schools like me -- because I am versatile."

Deloach turned down some D-1 offers after high school to head to East Central, a school that he said comfortable at the moment he talked to the staff.

"I had some D-1 offers to play defensive end, but when I talked to the coaches here, they just made me feel comfortable in the role they were going to have me play and also it was the way they run the program here. It's all about family and I like that a lot," Deloach recalled.

Should he decide to leave this summer, Deloach will have four years to play three starting this fall.

We'll have more on Deloach in the coming weeks and months and we will update news on him as it happens.

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